Shopping For Percussion

Shopping For Percussion

Percussion is​ one of​ the​ ancient musical instruments used by early human civilizations. These instruments are widely used not only for​ musical purposes but also as​ a​ symbol of​ cultural and​ religious values. Before shopping for​ percussion instruments it​ is​ always advisable to​ understand them properly.

All percussion instruments fall under two broad groups tuned and​ untuned. Shakers and​ hand drums that produce undefined pitches belong to​ untuned category where as​ marimbas, steel pans, and​ xylophone that creates defined tonal ranges falls under tuned category. Today a​ variety of​ percussion instruments are available in​ the​ market.

It is​ widely believed that the​ percussion instruments are originated from African continent symbolizing their ancient culture. Djembe is​ one of​ the​ earliest versions of​ percussions. it​ is​ basically a​ large goblet-shaped drum carved of​ wood and​ fitted with animal skin. This instrument is​ played using bare hands and​ sometimes with sticks. Djembe is​ gaining popularity among western music lovers recently.

The thumb piano is​ a​ melodic percussion musical instrument having a​ carved wooden body and​ flattened nails or​ similar metals as​ keys. Tama or​ talking drum is​ tied with vertical strings across the​ body to​ produce changed pitches. it​ is​ believed to​ talk with skilled players while playing with curved stick.

Udu is​ a​ pot shaped percussion instrument made of​ clay with narrow mouth and​ a​ hole in​ the​ side. This instrument is​ played by beating the​ clay surface in​ one hand and​ moving the​ other hand on the​ hole and​ mouth producing magnificent sound effects. Gadam is​ a​ similar type of​ clay instrument widely used in​ Indian subcontinent while performing carnatic classical music.

Congas are the​ widely used Afro Cuban originated percussion musical instrument. Originally congas were made of​ wood staves and​ calfskin heads. Synthetic and​ fiberglass shells are used in​ modern congas which results in​ louder volume projection. Congas are normally associated with other two types of​ drums named tumba and​ quinto. Usually these three instruments come as​ a​ set and​ are kept in​ conga gig bags or​ cases for​ better performance.

Bongos are another kind of​ small hand drums originated from Cuba and​ are played in​ sitting position keeping the​ instrument between the​ legs. Timbales were originally iron vessels used in​ transporting sugarcanes. Steel or​ brass is​ used in​ modern timbales to​ produce powerful cutting tone which is​ suitable for​ any music styles like rock, Latin and​ fusion.

The xylophone is​ a​ kind of​ tuned percussion instrument made of​ wooden bars of​ various lengths with vibrating tubes below them with piano like keyboards.

Wooden, rubber or​ plastic headed mallets are used to​ play such instruments. Xylophones are used in​ variety of​ music styles including ethnic, jazz and​ classical.

Shopping For Percussion

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