Shopping For A Mattress Get In The Now

Shopping For A Mattress Get In The Now

It still amazes me to​ see that in​ almost every walk of​ life, consumers are looking for​ the​ latest and​ greatest on the​ market. Except when shopping for​ a​ mattress, it​ still seems that people are drawn to​ the​ 'same old same old' one mattress fits all coils and​ springs. Ouch! But that's not the​ big kicker; the​ big deal comes when you actually price these mattresses. to​ get a​ top quality coils and​ springs mattress you have to​ pay between $1500US -$3000US to​ get the​ comfort levels you want and​ then you are still really buying an​ expensive foundation with a​ memory foam pillow top, which is​ what is​ providing the​ comfort you feel. So, let's say you spend $2000US, you now own a​ 100lb wooden box filled with coils and​ springs and​ what sold you was the​ $200US pillow top.

So why not just take the​ time to​ really see what options are out there? You will find so many other choices that take advantage of​ our newest technology, are not only half the​ price but provide a​ much healthier environment for​ you to​ sleep. All the​ new types of​ mattresses and​ beds are specifically designed sleep systems that provide the​ right support to​ minimize pressure to​ acceptable levels for​ different body types and​ sleeping postures, maintaining back and​ spine alignment. the​ coils and​ springs mattresses can only say this when they come with the​ memory foam pillow top. the​ coils and​ springs can't really "fill in​ the​ gaps" to​ support the​ parts of​ your body that do not sink into the​ coils, such as​ your lower back.

Coils and​ springs mattresses' biggest claim to​ fame is​ that the​ coils work independently so when you move, your partner doesn't. Great, but how much does that matter if​ you're not comfortable and​ you wake up tired and​ stiff? and​ in​ all honesty, I don't know anyone who actually "bowls" in​ bed.

So what are the​ options out there? There are four different types of​ new technology sleep systems that really are a​ great bang for​ the​ buck and​ are very affordable and​ provide many health and​ convenient benefits compared to​ coils and​ springs.

1) Air Mattress Beds - Air Mattress Beds cradle and​ cushion your body, providing more even weight distribution without the​ poking and​ prodding possible from a​ standard coil spring mattress. Easy to​ use handheld controls and​ a​ state of​ the​ art ultra-quiet air inflation system allow each sleeper to​ quickly adjust the​ firmness of​ their side of​ the​ air bed to​ the​ perfect comfort level, with just the​ touch of​ a​ button. Imagine, now couples can individually adjust each side of​ the​ air bed to​ the​ exact firmness and​ comfort level each partner prefers. (Tip: Look for​ horizontal baffling and​ contoured foam edges for​ quality construction.)

2) Adjustable Beds - Now any sincere mattress salesman won't push the​ watching TV or​ reading in​ bed, it's not something that we should recommend. But with today's lifestyles this has become a​ normal way of​ life for​ some people. So if​ that's the​ case then you really should think about doing it​ right! With the​ touch of​ a​ button, adjustable beds move into hundreds of​ relaxing positions. All without creating pressure, stress or​ strain on your body. Touch a​ button again and​ experience a​ new concept in​ comfort, while your own personal massage system helps to​ relieve tired, sore muscles, and​ reduce everyday tension and​ fatigue. Encourage restful sleep through relaxation. (Tip: Concentrate on the​ frame construction, don't fall for​ the​ "mattress included" it's rarely of​ any quality.)

3) Latex Beds - Latex mattresses provide the​ most comfortable sleep surface in​ the​ world. Already immensely popular in​ Europe, Latex Mattresses are beginning to​ boom here in​ the​ United States. More and​ more Americans are learning about the​ tremendous advantages of​ Latex Mattresses everyday. the​ Talalay Process produces the​ highest quality, most resilient and​ consistent latex foam in​ the​ industry. Its consistent cell structure and​ exact density result in​ the​ most even firmness and​ feel possible. You can also buy Natural latex products. (Tip: Look for​ US made foam with layered construction, as​ this gives you quality foam and​ creates a​ variety of​ comfort levels to​ choose from.)

4) Memory Foam Beds - Well I think the​ word is​ out on this one, I'm sure you've heard all the​ NASA explanations of​ why this is​ used in​ the​ Space Shuttle and​ seen the​ "handprint" pictures. But, in​ case you haven't, Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses utilize amazing, space age and​ NASA developed Visco Elastic Memory Foam. Visco Elastic Memory Foam is​ temperature sensitive. it​ actually reacts to​ the​ heat produced by your body, conforming to​ your body in​ a​ way no other material can. Where your body is​ making the​ most contact with the​ memory foam, the​ foam reacts and​ becomes softer. Where your body is​ making less contact, the​ foam stays cooler and​ remains more firm. the​ result is​ pressure being evenly distributed throughout the​ sleeper's body, leading to​ fewer pressure points and​ a​ more restorative sleep. (Tip: Again, look out for​ problem European foam; US made Sensus with layered construction for​ the​ same quality and​ comfort level benefits.)

All of​ these new age sleep systems can be purchased for​ a​ fraction of​ what a​ coils and​ springs mattress goes for​ and​ depending on the​ mattress, you can adjust the​ foam layers to​ personalize your comfort level as​ you please. and​ don't forget about the​ many major sleep benefits from all the​ sleep system technology. You just can't miss, if​ you have to​ purchase a​ mattress or​ sleep system, you owe it​ to​ yourself to​ check these out, not only for​ your health but for​ your pocketbook too, ouch again!

Tune in​ to​ my next articles where I'll break down what to​ look for​ in​ each of​ the​ new age sleep systems.

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