Shopping For Magazines Online

Shopping For Magazines Online

When purchasing subscriptions online expect to​ save a​ significant percentage off the​ cover price, but expect to​ the​ price offered to​ be the​ exact same on all the​ major sites. Pricing on magazine subscriptions have a​ fixed minimum price and​ the​ vast majority of​ legitimate retailers will charge exactly that minimum price. Choose the​ website to​ purchase from based on features such as​ additional features (such as​ available gift cards and​ renewal reminders) and​ based on which site you are confident you can trust. Be aware that some sites will automatically charge you for​ a​ renewal if​ they don't hear from you when it's time for​ renewal. if​ that's not what you'd like, read the​ companies policies clearly.

Processing Time
Most publishers use mail processing centers which print address labels for​ several issues at​ a​ time. Labels for​ new orders are generally not printed until the​ next run of​ labels. Additionally, most magazines are printed well in​ advance of​ shipping, and​ each printing is​ pre-allocated only to​ the​ amount of​ subscribers at​ the​ actual time of​ printing. as​ a​ result, the​ magazine industry has a​ standard "lead time" for​ subscriptions of​ 4 to​ 8 weeks for​ weekly magazines and​ 8 to​ 12 weeks for​ monthly magazines and​ quarterly subscriptions although these times do vary by different publication.
If you haven't received the​ first issue of​ your subscription within the​ expected period times, you can often check the​ magazine's web site for​ your order status.
Ordering for​ the​ holidays
Magazines are a​ popular late holiday gift because the​ receiver doesn't expect an​ issue in-hand at​ gift giving time. Many magazine websites send a​ card with gift subscriptions, so there is​ something to​ fill the​ stocking.

The most popular magazine gift ideas for​ men are men's magazines and​ fitness magazines. for​ women, vacation magazines are the​ most popular gift and​ for​ children, puzzles and​ animal related magazines top the​ gift list.

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