Shopping For Keyboards

Shopping For Keyboards

Keyboard is​ one of​ the​ important musical instruments that a​ musician desires to​ buy first. There are varieties of​ keyboards available in​ the​ market with various features and​ functions. All these musical keyboards fall under categories such as​ MIDI controllers, digital pianos, arrangers, portables, synthesizers, work stations and​ organs. Each type of​ keyboard caters different needs and​ one need to​ know his exact requirements thoroughly before selecting the​ type of​ keyboard.

MIDI controller keyboards come with different varied number of​ keys like 25 and​ 88. They also include response factors such as​ velocity sensitive, weighted and​ aftertouch. Some of​ the​ MIDI controllers are equipped with control surfaces, drum pads, combination controllers, wind controllers, sliders, and​ knobs.

There are two broad categories of​ Digital Pianos like Console Pianos that are used at​ home and​ portable stage pianos usable for​ stage performance. Most of​ the​ features are same in​ both varieties and​ changes are only in​ their designs and​ sizes. the​ essential factors one has to​ look while buying digital pianos are key responsiveness, sound quality and​ their amplifier and​ speaker features. These factors highly influence the​ quality of​ music generated by them.

Arranger is​ a​ musical keyboard which is​ very useful for​ music directors and​ song writers. These keyboards are fitted with professional sound engines and​ a​ variety of​ compositional tools making the​ song writing easier. Portables are similar to​ arranges but meant for​ beginners. They are equipped with learning functions to​ facilitate the​ newly starters to​ acquire music. Arranges and​ portables can be connected with personal computers using USB and​ other types of​ connectivity in​ order to​ upload and​ download songs and​ related software.

Synthesizers are another type of​ musical keyboards that produce sound. Most of​ the​ present models use pre-recorded sounds for​ creating music where as​ the​ analog synthesizers produce music manipulating electrical signals. Sample based synthesizers are capable of​ producing variety of​ other musical instruments like organ, strings, piano, etc.

Workstations are basically arrangers with more enhanced features needed for​ song recording. These keyboards are fitted with hard disk drives, multi-track recording devices, and​ many more useful features that help the​ professional composers to​ produce high quality music.

Organ is​ basically a​ musical keyboard fitted with only an​ organ sound engine targeting the​ dedicated organ players. Unlike traditional analog models, present organs use digital models with features like pitch bend, modulation, and​ sound effects. This gives optimum desired results.

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