Shopping For A Fishing Boat

Shopping For A Fishing Boat

One of​ the​ biggest investments a​ fisherman will every make is​ the​ purchase of​ a​ fishing boat. Just like cars, fishing boats come in​ all shapes and​ sizes and​ varying levels of​ quality. to​ avoid buying a​ “lemon”, it​ is​ always advisable for​ the​ potential boat owner to​ educate themselves on the​ ins and​ outs of​ boat ownership.

All-Purpose Fishing Boats
These boats are intended for​ those who fish for​ just about everything. They can be made of​ aluminum, wood, or​ fiberglass and​ sizes usually range from 15 to​ 20 feet (4.5-6 meters) in​ length. Aluminum boats are generally the​ least expensive option available, with prices ranging from $1,500 up to​ about $25,500. Keep in​ mind that these prices are generally without a​ motor, which will have to​ be purchased separately.

Wooden boats are still being made, but they are difficult to​ find, and​ very hard to​ get. Used wooden fishing boats are readily available in​ the​ classifieds section of​ your newspaper or​ any number of​ places on the​ Internet. Maintenance is​ the​ big issue with wooden boats, as​ the​ wood is​ susceptible to​ dry rot and​ fungus, and​ so must be painted and​ kept in​ good shape at​ all times.
Fiberglass boats are probably the​ most widely used these days. There are many manufacturers and​ styles of​ fiberglass boats, and​ prices range from about $8,000 to​ $30,000 for​ a​ new boat.

A general purpose fishing boat will usually have spaces for​ fishing gear and​ several bench seats or​ pedestal style seats with backs. the​ driver's area will be very simple; some boats can be found that even use a​ steer-by-tiller layout. These boats are almost always outboard powered, and​ are usually trailerable. the​ capacity range for​ a​ general purpose fishing boat is​ 1-4 people.

Bass Boats
Bass boats are almost self-explanatory. They are purpose-built for​ getting to​ bass quickly. This is​ the​ sort of​ boat you see on those ESPN fishing tournament shows. Bass boats usually have larger outboard motors than the​ general-purpose boats and​ have much more storage space as​ well. Additionally, bass boats will have a​ full complement of​ fishing electronics such as​ depth and​ fish finders.

There are usually raised casting platforms in​ the​ bow of​ the​ boat, and​ quite often in​ the​ stern as​ well. There will usually be provisions for​ a​ trolling motor near this platform. Most bass fishing boats are made of​ fiberglass, but they can also be found in​ aluminum. Bass boats are usually between 16 and​ 25 feet in​ length, with prices ranging from approximately $10,000 to​ $30,000+. These boats can be trailered and​ are comfortable for​ up to​ 4 people.

Center-Console Fishing Boats
Because of​ their design, with the​ control station in​ the​ center of​ the​ boat, these boats allow for​ fishing from almost any place on the​ deck. Additionally, the​ center station allows for​ easy netting of​ fish. These boats are generally larger than the​ other two types, and​ usually have much larger engines, though still outboard as​ a​ general rule.

Because of​ their versatility and​ pricing, these boats have grown in​ popularity in​ recent years. Some of​ these boats even have small cabins and​ toilets. Some of​ the​ larger center-console design boats can even be used for​ offshore saltwater fishing. Center-console boats range in​ size from 16 to​ 35 feet in​ length and​ are generally trailerable. the​ larger varieties can comfortably accommodate up to​ 6 people. Prices for​ center-console boats range from around $15,000 up to​ over $60,000.

This article gives a​ general overview of​ some of​ the​ items to​ consider when shopping for​ a​ fishing boat. for​ more specific information, as​ well as​ suggestions on where to​ purchase a​ good fishing boat, be sure to​ visit Fishing Boat HQ

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