Shopping For A Custom Jacket

Shopping For A Custom Jacket

Shopping for​ a​ Custom Jacket
Whether you’re in​ the​ market for​ one custom jacket for​ yourself, enough for​ an​ entire team of​ little leaguers, or​ a​ company 1,000 employees, one thing remains the​ same: you’re in​ need of​ a​ quality jacket at​ an​ affordable price .​
Jackets will fall into dozens of​ price categories within scores of​ quality types, so being confident that you are getting the​ most for​ your dollar is​ essential.
After deciding on a​ generalized price point per custom jacket, you’ll need to​ decide on a​ jacket style .​
From Letterman styles of​ jackets, to​ full zip fleece, to​ coaches jackets and​ everything in​ between, you have a​ lot of​ choices to​ contemplate before making your final decision .​
if​ you are uncertain in​ any way as​ to​ making this important decision, you will need to​ contact someone who knows the​ ins and​ outs of​ the​ custom jacket industry .​

And while you’re looking for​ such a​ contact, look for​ a​ company that stands out amongst the​ masses- one in​ which each and​ every employee is​ trained in​ each and​ every aspect of​ the​ business at​ hand .​
Having one person who knows you from the​ first phone call until your custom order is​ in​ your hands is​ a​ bonus, but make sure that your person isn’t too specialized, for​ if​ they fall ill or​ take a​ vacation, you want to​ make sure your questions and​ concerns are answered to​ in​ a​ timely manner .​
On another note, be sure to​ find a​ company that doesn’t nickel and​ dime you to​ death with small fees that can add up to​ take a​ good chunk out of​ your checkbook .​
The low price on the​ jacket itself can quickly skyrocket when you add in​ any artwork fees and/or set-up fees, typesetting, or​ something that you’ve never even heard of​ .​
Don’t be afraid to​ ask to​ see a​ proof of​ your finished design before the​ art goes to​ press .​
If something isn’t quite as​ you had envisioned it​ to​ be, it​ will be much easier to​ change it​ now rather than after your jacket is​ printed .​
Also, be sure to​ get the​ price for​ the​ finished product in​ writing before signing and​ agreeing to​ your purchase.
Guarantees and​ warrantees always seem to​ add a​ finishing touch, creating a​ warm feeling inside, relieving any worries you may have .​
Price guarantees are the​ most well-known, offering you financial reimbursement in​ the​ event that you find an​ identical item somewhere else (some will even increase the​ amount they give you back just for​ your troubles).
Finally, a​ company that will give you references of​ satisfied customers is​ a​ company that has a​ focus on customer service .​
Customer service is​ an​ essential part of​ any custom industry, including custom jackets.

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