Shopping For Carpet

Shopping For Carpet

Shopping for​ Carpet
Shopping for​ carpet is​ something that has never been
an easy task .​
To most people, it​ is​ more of​ a​ chore
than fun .​
for​ most people, shopping for​ carpet is
a dreaded experience that should be avoided at​ all
possible costs - although they aren't in​ this alone.
Once you realize that others feel the​ same way, its
time to​ go shopping .​
Frieze is​ an​ excellent choice
of carpet, one of​ the​ most popular types that you
can purchase even today .​
Frieze offers you a​ lot
of benefits without having to​ compromise anything.
The following are points that you'll want to​ consider
when you evaluate the​ durability of​ the​ carpet:
1 .​
75% twist
2 .​
15% fiber type
3 .​
10% density
The twist type of​ carpet has a​ spiral shape .​
is used via heat method that twists the​ yarn into
its permanent shape .​
the​ fibers can have up to​
seven twists per yarn, as​ the​ more twists you have
the better .​
the​ result in​ the​ end is​ a​ rustic
knotted look that is​ very appealing.
Fiber type
Frieze carpets are normally made with high quality
nylon yarn .​
Nylon is​ one of​ the​ most popular
and most widely used fiber types for​ wall to​ wall
carpets .​

It is​ very interesting that several people use the
density of​ carpet as​ their primary factor in​
judging quality .​

As you may know, carpet can be too dense .​
denser a​ carpet is, the​ harder it​ will feel, as
the fibers are compacted .​
the​ fibers were meant
to wear on their sides rather than on the​ tops,
as they need their room to​ move .​
To help you get a​ better idea of​ carpets and​ the
types that stand out, we'll take a​ look at​ several
of them below.
Gulistan is​ actually one of​ the​ top manufacturing
companies of​ frieze carpets .​
the​ company was a
trendsetter early on with innovate styles and​ a
very impressive selection of​ colors and​ easy
care .​
Even though the​ company is​ one of​ the​
smallest in​ the​ world, it​ has proven it​ has what
it takes to​ compete, with it's high quality nylon
frieze that is​ popular even today.
Laura Ashley
The Laura Ashley company is​ a​ name that sports an
elegant English country look that continues to
grow and​ inspire .​
the​ company brings a​ lot to
the table, from impressive carpets to​ bed linens,
paint, and​ upholstery fabrics.
Beaulieu industries
This company licensed the​ Laura Ashley name and
premiered close to​ two dozen products, which
included a​ cool frieze carpet .​
the​ company has
been very successful with their carpets, managing
to compete for​ several years.
The bottom line
Anytime you shop for​ carpet, no matter what the
style may be, you should always know what you want
and how it​ will fit in​ with your home .​
Along with
frieze carpet, there are many other types such as​
Berber, loops, high pile, and​ others that will add
quite a​ bit to​ your home .​
Your carpet is​ very
important, and​ therefore you shouldn't rush buying
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to​ get
assistance from a​ professional, friend, or​ a​ member
of your family .​
Those that have experience with
carpet can be a​ great help when you purchase your
own, especially if​ you don't have a​ lot of​
By getting help when you need it, researching, and
just taking your time, you'll have no problems at
all shopping for​ a​ carpet .​
Carpets can make or
break a​ home, which is​ why it​ is​ very important that
you know what you are buying before you make that
critical purchase.

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