Shopping Down Under

Shopping Down Under

The Australian shopping experience offers a​ vast range of​ both imported and​ locally-made goods.
Local products include the​ inevitable toy koalas, kangaroos and​ wombats. But many local fashion designers are making names for​ themselves. in​ tune with the​ laid back 'Down Under' lifestyle, Aussie designs tend to​ be more casual and​ comfortable than those from Europe. Notable local brands include Sass and​ Bide, Carla Zampatti, Jag, and​ Adele Palmer.

Locally-mined opals are one of​ the​ best buys in​ Australia but you really need to​ know what you're doing when shopping for​ any kind of​ gemstone.

And of​ course if​ you're after serious Aboriginal art or​ just a​ boomerang or​ didgeridoo, Australia's the​ place to​ go.

Shopping in​ Sydney

Downtown Sydney is​ home to​ the​ standard retails outlets. for​ department stores, the​ two major names are David Jones and​ Myer. David Jones is​ the​ largest, selling goods ranging from the​ latest fashions to​ designer furniture.

for​ more individual wares you have to​ head to​ Paddington, Glebe and​ Newtown, home to​ distinctive boutiques showcasing the​ threads of​ local designers, along with jumble shops and​ markets for​ penny-pinchers. Oxford Street is​ the​ domain of​ myriad fashionable clothing outlets featuring the​ creations of​ the​ city's most avant-garde designers.

A must visit is​ the​ Queen Victoria Building which houses a​ delightful Victorian shopping arcade offering four levels of​ male and​ female fashion items in​ 200 boutiques.

Shopping in​ Melbourne

Melbourne is​ acknowledged to​ be Australia's shopping capital. it​ is​ home to​ grand fashion houses, department stores, fascinating souvenir shops, and​ glorious arcades.

The arcades are one of​ Melbourne's treasures. the​ finest is​ the​ Block Arcade home to​ over 30 businesses such as​ the​ historic Hopetoun Tearooms. Another gem is​ the​ Royal Arcade and​ don't miss the​ massive Melbourne Central shopping complex between Latrobe and​ Lonsdale streets.

Other Melbourne shopping attractions include South Yarra featuring Australian fashions, and​ Toorak Road for​ high-priced, brand names such as​ Gucci.

For the​ more thrifty shopper, head to​ one of​ the​ thousands of​ retail shops and​ factory outlets. They're spread around Melbourne especially on Bridge Road and​ Swan Street. Here you can pick up designer clothes, perhaps last season's top picks, for​ just pennies on the​ dollar.

Shopping in​ Brisbane

Australia's third-largest city boasts a​ broad array of​ shopping outlets gracing its tropical landscape. Brisbane's shopping scene is​ centered on Queen Street Mall which houses around 500 retail outlets.

Queensland's own fashion creations are on sale at​ the​ Brisbane Arcade. the​ nearby Broadway on the​ Mall and​ MacArthur Central offer a​ wide range of​ gifts and​ accessories and​ designer labels and​ Swiss watches.

But for​ an​ authentic Brisbane shopping scene, you have to​ head to​ one of​ the​ city's many markets. Valley Markets is​ the​ place for​ alternative and​ retro fashion. It's open on weekends from 8 am to​ 4 pm On Friday nights, the​ South Bank Art and​ Craft Markets come to​ life with its stocks of​ handicrafts.

Shopping Down Under

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