Shopping Choices For Jeans

Shopping Choices For Jeans

Jeans are often considered as​ classics. Almost everyone, from toddlers to​ the​ elderly own at​ least a​ pair of​ jeans. Men used jeans as​ their classic uniform for​ years, while women often take the​ classic and​ put twists to​ update its look. Seven jeans used to​ be the​ staple in​ every woman's wardrobe. This is​ with good reason because the​ brand is​ one of​ the​ top jean-makers who offer great variety in​ terms of​ style and​ color. One could almost be certain to​ find the​ right pair in​ a​ Seven store.

Aside from the​ Seven jeans brand, another seemingly endless jean trend surfaced which is​ a​ far cry from the​ tight look of​ the​ 80's and​ 90's. the​ loose and​ baggy work pants style jeans which not only hide women's shape, but also cause unflattering silhouettes. These came with the​ new hiphop culture and​ was seen from rappers, to​ groupies, teenagers, and​ Hollywood stars. Fortunately, these trend in​ women's wear wore off soon enough and​ the​ only people left wearing them were male rappers.

Nowadays, women's jeans have more variety other than the​ super tight and​ high waisted jeans of​ the​ 80's. Gone are the​ days when women often wore too long blouses and​ shirts to​ cover up the​ bulges caused by the​ unrelenting denim fabric. Baggy jeans are also considered as​ fashion flubs. Jeans today are all about choices and​ more choices. This variety of​ choices makes jeans shopping quite a​ task. From rise, cut, wash, and​ texture, it​ has become a​ challenge to​ find the​ single perfect pair. But still, the​ old adage stands true. Buy jeans that fit your body well while accentuating your assets and​ skimming over your flaws. in​ short, use your body type as​ a​ guide in​ buying jeans.

Fashion insiders claim that the​ new trend in​ jeans today is​ the​ tight jeans. But this kind of​ tight jeans are not the​ 80's type. They are called tight but actually are just form-fitting. These are the​ most flattering jean style in​ market today because they follow the​ body's contours and​ are generally flattering to​ all shapes. Plus, these usually have Lycra in​ the​ fabric which in​ turn give them a​ bit of​ stretch and​ allow them to​ be more forgiving to​ bulges. Bootleg and​ straight cut tight jeans are usually preferred because they are the​ most flattering cuts. Dark colors also add up the​ slimming effect of​ these jeans. Stylists generally agree that pockets are important in​ either minimizing or​ enlarging backsides. Small pockets make behinds look larger, so these are perfect for​ women with bigger upper bodies for​ a​ balanced appearance. Big pockets serve to​ give the​ illusion of​ a​ smaller derriere. Fashion experts also insist that contrary to​ popular belief, low waist jeans are not only for​ people with perfect midsections. These jeans are generally flattering to​ all shapes of​ women.

Whether you're thinking of​ buying low waist jeans, seven jeans, women's jeans, tight jeans, or​ stretch jeans, buy jeans that make you feel comfortable and​ confident. After all it​ is​ the​ attitude and​ confidence that really makes or​ break a​ person's look. as​ a​ last reminder, a​ perfect pair of​ jeans can do wonders for​ your confidence.

Shopping Choices For Jeans

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