Shopping Canada Is A Historical Experience At Times

Canada has many unique and​ intriguing products to​ tempt the​ avid shopper. for​ example, in​ the​ heritage shops found on Vancouver Island, many products can be seen which come from all parts of​ the​ world. British heritage is​ reflected in​ the​ specialty teas and​ coffees. You can purchase hand loomed woolen fabrics as​ well as​ tartans from the​ Scottish Isles. Beautiful and​ delicate examples of​ Irish lace can be found in​ many of​ the​ small specialty shops on the​ Island.

Other parts of​ Canada provide shoppers delights such as​ chocolates. in​ the​ eastern of​ the​ country, where the​ French influence is​ much stronger, one can find the​ delicate pastries and​ tortes that are so typical of​ France. the​ Quartier Petit Champlain, for​ example is​ a​ wonderful shopping district, which makes one wonder why malls exist when you could be shopping in​ the​ remarkable ambiance of​ the​ winter Carnival when the​ merchants prepare and​ display ice sculptures at​ the​ entry to​ their businesses. Chocolate is​ a​ big item, but you can also buy local art and​ wood carvings, fashion clothing worthy of​ the​ French label and​ other items which bring to​ mind the​ richness of​ the​ history and​ culture of​ the​ area.

The woodcarvings are a​ specialty of​ the​ area. You can actually watch the​ artists at​ work creating unique and​ beautiful pieces. These are also sold at​ street fairs and​ street markets held during certain times of​ the​ year. Local native artists who lend their own distinctive touches and​ style to​ items do many of​ the​ pieces for​ sale.

A unique shopping experience, which can be found in​ Quebec, is​ a​ medieval store. for​ those people who are into reenactments of​ scenes from medieval history, this shop is​ the​ place to​ visit. the​ beautiful swords displayed are not only detailed with fine artisanship, but are realistic historically too.

Another shopping experience in​ Quebec City is​ visiting the​ oldest grocery in​ North America. J. A. Moisan was founded in​ 1871 and​ features locally produced preserves and​ find cheeses, as​ well as​ a​ wide selection of​ food stuffs from around the​ world.

Of course, maple products seems to​ be always associated with Canada and​ there is​ no shortage of​ these in​ many of​ the​ shops and​ retail outlets found in​ the​ eastern provinces of​ Canada. You can also frequently find these products in​ smaller roadside stands and​ street markets but buying them at​ the​ source is​ a​ fun challenge that some shoppers find quite enjoyable.

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