Shopping Addiction Leads To A Financial Whirlpool

Shopping Addiction Leads To A Financial Whirlpool

Shopping is​ something most people love. But often the​ thrill, excitement, and​ absorption becomes such that an​ ordinary hobby or​ time filler becomes an​ addiction. a​ shopping addiction like drugs, alcohol, or​ gambling is​ a​ blinding thirst where the​ shopper is​ unable to​ see essential from non essential and​ over spend. They shop until they drop and​ run into debt spending on their credit cards up to​ and​ over its limit.

Shopping for​ many is​ escapism from the​ realities of​ life and​ its accompanying problems. it​ is​ but a​ temporary reprieve from depression, anxiety, or​ loneliness. What a​ shopper never understands is​ it​ is​ a​ false world which will not grant happiness or​ love, or​ self esteem. After the​ shopping binge the​ person will experience remorse. the​ unhappiness will intensify due to​ unmanageable financial disaster and​ debt. This will be further compounded by the​ displeasure earned from family members or​ financial consultants. Believe me over 80% of​ the​ purchases will never be used. an​ addict may have a​ hundred pairs of​ shoes, or​ bags, or​ coast, or​ glasses – the​ obsession being restricted to​ one kind of​ object.

Like alcoholics, compulsive shoppers go on binges when they are upset, lonely, depressed, or​ feeling out of​ sorts. Shopping is​ a​ “pick me up,” a​ temporary euphoria that lifts their spirits.

The possible repair of​ finances and​ cure of​ the​ addiction is​ possible only if​ the​ shopper accepts that an​ addiction exists. What helps is​ professional counseling and​ joining a​ self-healing group that is​ dealing with this addiction. a​ shopping addicts version or​ equivalent of​ alcoholics anonymous.


1. First and​ foremost set small limits on all credit cards. Freezing the​ limits will help you limit your spending power.

2. Lock away all credit and​ debit cards.

3. Budget household and​ other expenses. Make specific envelopes and​ mark them clearly for​ what the​ money is​ earmarked for.

4. Sit with a​ family member or​ friend and​ make a​ list of​ bare essentials. Go shopping with a​ controlling companion one who will say “NO” is​ no uncertain terms.

5. Never visit sales or​ discount warehouses. Or, watch television shopping channels.

6. Do not subscribe to​ shopping catalogues.

7. Fill your day choc-a-bloc with activities. if​ you have no time to​ ‘stand and​ stare’ you won’t have a​ moment to​ think about shopping. Find interesting activities that absorb your interests and​ time.

8. Go to​ the​ mall or​ shopper’s paradise after they are all safely closed for​ the​ day. This way you can look at​ displays without being tempted to​ rush in​ and​ buy something.

9. If you feel the​ itch or​ urge to​ shop, resist it​ with all your strength and​ go out for​ a​ walk or​ to​ the​ gym exercise until you are too tired to​ do anything else.

10. Pay for​ all purchases by cash or​ cheque. Use a​ card only in​ emergencies.

Compulsive shopping is​ a​ serious addiction. it​ is​ escapism from realities and​ unhappiness. as​ serious as​ drug addictions and​ an​ illness, a​ compulsive shopper needs treatment that is​ similar to​ other addictions. Addictions of​ any kind need to​ be snipped at​ the​ very root before it​ reaches a​ point of​ no return.

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