Shipping Important Information You Need To Know

Shipping - Important Information You Need To Know.
When it​ comes to​ shipping large quantities worldwide, there is​ no better option than shipping freightliner .​
You can ship in​ a​ full container or​ half container, depending on your needs .​
There is, however, some important information you need to​ know about shipping in​ containers.
When deciding whether you need a​ 20’ container or​ a​ 40’ container to​ meet your shipping needs you simply need to​ evaluate the quantity and size of​ items you need shipped .​
For instance, a​ 20’ container is​ generally used to​ ship a​ vehicle and some small household appliances and other goods or​ a​ two bedroom household without a​ vehicle .​
a​ 40’ container can generally hold a​ vehicle and a​ two bedroom household or​ a​ house with three or​ more bedrooms .​
These are generalizations, but if​ you have a​ small amount of​ things to​ ship the smaller container will probably work for you .​
However, if​ you need to​ ship a​ lot of​ furniture and even your vehicle then you will definitely need the larger container.
When packing your items to​ be shipped you should keep in​ mind there are a​ list of​ items that should not be packed for the container .​
These items include alcohol, any jewelry, food items or​ fruit, plants or​ seeds, open bottles of​ liquids or​ anything flammable, spray cans, and any important papers or​ documents that include birth certificates, passports, banking records, or​ any other important personal document .​
Make sure all of​ these items are either not transported to​ your new location or​ else you carry them on your person.
Once you decide that it​ is​ time to​ ship your belongings you should contact the shipping company with your name and address in​ the United States as​ well as​ the address where you will be living overseas .​
You will also be asked to​ provide your social security number for verification purposes and will need to​ provide a​ date when the shipment should be delivered to​ your overseas address .​
Your belongings will not be approved for shipping until you have this information, so if​ you are in​ a​ hurry you should get this information immediately to​ your shipping carrier .​
Also, most shipping companies need at​ least a​ week to​ a​ week in​ a​ half advance notice before you ship your container .​
So, if​ you are working with a​ schedule keep this in​ mind.
When it​ comes to​ paying for your container shipping you will be required to​ pay a​ deposit and then pay the balance when your container is​ packed and ready to​ be shipped .​
Most shipping companies accept a​ wide variety of​ payment options from personal or​ cashier check to​ credit cards, so more than likely you will be able to​ pay for the shipping with what is​ most convenient for you.

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