Shingles Natural Treatment

Shingles Natural Treatment

Shingles Natural Treatment
In the​ past ten years recent studies and​ research with alternative treatments for​ shingles has shown it​ is​ possible to​ recover in​ less than one week and​ to​ reduce outbreaks of​ lesions and​ pain in​ three days.
Shingles is​ a​ serious health condition and​ it​ is​ important to​ follow your doctor’s recommendations. Traditionally, most doctors prescribe painkillers for​ the​ temporary symptomatic relief of​ the​ pain and​ an antiviral ​Drug​ to​ suppress the​ virus. This form of​ treatment with ​Drug​s reduces the​ severity and​ frequency of​ outbreaks but does not eliminate it​ from the​ body. This course of​ treatment can take six weeks or​ more and​ does very little for​ the​ patient. the​ pain associated with shingles can continue long after the​ initial outbreak.
Some doctors prescribe steroids or​ itchrelieving creams that contains steroids. Recent studies question the​ effectiveness of​ steroids in​ relieving shingles and​ suggest avoiding any treatment with steroids. Monitoring by your doctor is​ recommended, if​ steroids have been prescribed. it​ is​ best to​ find alternative treatments with your doctor and​ to​ seek out natural remedies.
The virus herpes zoster causes shingles and​ is​ the​ same virus that causes chicken pox. Shingles is​ an infection of​ the​ central nervous system and​ may affect the​ elderly, those with a​ compromised immune system, anyone under severe stress or​ those who have been exposed to​ the​ chickenpox virus again. Symptoms may include burning, itching, or​ pain in​ one part of​ the​ body. a​ few days later, blisters and​ a​ rash appear. the​ infection may run along a​ nerve path and​ look like a​ branch of​ a​ tree. Shingles usually appear on the​ trunk area and​ the​ chest but can also be found on the​ face. Shingles can cause blindness if​ it​ affects the​ eyes. if​ an outbreak occurs on the​ face the​ patient should get immediate medical care.
Natural Remedies for​ Shingles
A good starting point for​ treating shingles is​ a​ diet full of​ fresh fruits and​ vegetables. a​ good diet and​ reducing daily stress will help boost your immune system
A simple remedy for​ lesions is​ to​ apply a​ cool or​ cold wet washcloth or​ towel to​ the​ affected area. a​ wet towel can be put into the​ freezer for​ a​ while after wetting it​ to​ make it​ colder.
Eliminate sugar from your diet and​ add these important nutrients to​ your daily diet vitamin E, vitamin B12 and​ vitamin C.
* Vitamin C is​ suggested with an initial diagnosis of​ shingles. You may start with 1,000 mg. +
* Vitamin E taken daily before meals may reduce the​ pain of​ shingles Study published in​ the​ Archives of​ Dermatology +
* Vitamin B12 injections may reduce the​ pain of​ shingles Study published in​ the​ Journal Geriatrics +
+ it​ is​ recommended that you consult with your doctor before starting any vitamin program.
* E capsules can be squeezed directly onto lesions.
* Avoid heat as​ well as​ tight clothes and​ itchy fabrics like wool.
* Calamine lotion may relieve the​ pain and​ help dry the​ lesions.
Shingles is​ a​ serious illness and​ before starting any treatment program you should consult with your doctor. Shingles is​ the​ same virus as​ chicken pox. You cannot catch shingles from someone else unless youve never had chicken pox. if​ you have shingles you should use caution being around pregnant women who have not had chicken pox you could infect both the​ woman and​ her unborn baby.

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