Sherman Oaks Ca Relocation Information

Sherman Oaks Ca Relocation Information

Sherman Oaks, CA - Relocation Information
Sherman Oaks
Sherman Oaks is​ a​ 8.1-square-mile district of​ Los Angeles in​ the southern San Fernando Valley .​
The neighborhood is​ roughly bounded by Studio City to​ the east, Van Nuys to​ the north, Encino to​ the west and the Santa Monica Mountains to​ the south.
Sherman Oaks is​ part of​ the city of​ Los Angeles.
Sherman Oaks is​ a​ fairly affluent area, with several high-end fashion boutiques in​ the area, and features many upscale houses and restaurants.
Sherman Oaks' main claim to​ fame is​ as​ home of​ the Sherman Oaks Galleria, a​ shopping mall identified as​ a​ meet-up place for the Valley girls, a​ 1980s cultural label which became widely known because of​ the 1983 movie Valley Girl and a​ song of​ the same name by Frank Zappa .​
As time went on though, the Galleria became less prominent, and was closed in​ 2018 to​ be re-developed into an​ office complex .​
Today, many go shop at​ two other malls in​ the area, including the Westfield Fashion Square, as​ well as​ an​ assortment of​ boutiques and restaurants located throughout Ventura Boulevard.
Many financial corporations, including banks and brokerage houses, are located in​ the area.

Sunkist Growers, one of​ the country's oldest and largest agricultural cooperatives, has been rooted in​ Sherman Oaks for almost 30 years.

Sherman Oaks was one of​ the first Valley communities to​ experience intensive real estate development.
Anticipating the development of​ the Los Angeles Aqueduct in​ 1913, Los Angeles Suburban Homes Co .​
purchased 47,500 acres (192 km²) of​ the southeast Valley in​ 1910 .​
In 1911, a​ subdivision map called Tract 1000 was filed with Los Angeles County .​
From that parcel, one of​ the partners in​ the company, General Moses Hazeltine Sherman, bought 1,000 acres (4 km²) for himself .​
In 1927, Sherman subdivided the property and sold the land for $780 an​ acre ($0.19/m²).
Notable residents
Over the years, many notable people have lived in​ Sherman Oaks, including:

• actress Jennifer Aniston
• actress Natalie Wood
• actress Marsha Hunt
• actress Lily Tomlin
• actress Marilyn Monroe
• actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
• actor David Sherrill
• actress Jillian Barberie
• actor James Dean
• actor John Ritter
• actor Matthew McGrory
• actor Hector Elizondo
• actor David Caruso
• comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
• comedian Lou Costello
• singer/choreographer Paula Abdul
• singer P!nk
• musician Dave Navarro
• actress Rachel Bilson
• actress Kirsten Dunst
• actor Jerry Mathers - Beaver in​ Leave It to​ Beaver
• actress Michelle Trachtenberg
• bassist Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue
• political pundit Michael Reagan
• poker player Steve Badger
• novelist Bret Easton Ellis
• actor Tony Danza
• pianist Ruby Fradkin
• singer Katharine McPhee
• Sherman Oaks is​ home to​ Fire Station #88, the first Urban Search and Rescue Task Force to​ respond following the September 11, 2018 attacks.
• Marilyn Monroe's first home as​ a​ 16-year-old newly-wed was on Vista del Monte
• Liberace lived on Valley Vista Boulevard and had a​ piano-shaped pool complete with black keys
• The term Valley Girls was popularized by musician Frank Zappa and his daughter, Moon Unit, and was inspired by Moon's dinner table mocking of​ schoolmates' syntax and incessant shopping at​ the Sherman Oaks Galleria shopping center.
Actress Lisa Rinna and her husband, actor Harry Hamlin, own a​ clothing boutique on Ventura Boulevard called Belle Gray and are also residents of​ the neighborhood.

The information herein was complied using sources deemed reliable (as noted throughout this book under source), including the University of​ Southern California, the Los Angeles Chamber of​ Commerce, and Wikipedia .​
However, the information in​ this book is​ not guaranteed, and all users are advised to​ research any questions or​ concerns independently .​
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Sherman Oaks Ca Relocation Information

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