Sharper Image Air Purifiers Reviewed

Sharper Image Air Purifiers: Reviewed
If you own a​ television, a​ radio, or​ have access to​ a​ computer, there is​ a​ good chance that you have heard of​ Sharper Image before .​
Sharper Image is​ a​ well-known company that specializes in​ household items, among other items .​
These items may include, but are not limited to, clocks, lamps, traditional household appliances, televisions, massage chairs, and air purifiers .​

If you are interested in​ purchasing an​ air purifier, which there is​ a​ good chance that you may be, it​ is​ quite possible that you may be looking for a​ Shaper Image product .​
One of​ the reasons for that is​ because the name is​ so popular and so well-known .​
If you make the decision to​ purchase an​ air purifier from Sharper Image, you will find that you have a​ number of​ different options .​
That is​ because a​ wide variety of​ different air purifier models are available for sale, all with Sharper Image.
Despite the fact that Sharper Image produces a​ number of​ different air purifiers, they are most well-known for their line of​ ionic air purifiers .​
These air purifiers are commonly known as​ or​ sold as​ Ionic Breezes .​
What is​ nice about the Ionic Breeze air purifiers is​ that most are compact .​
Their tower designs make it​ possible to​ fit these air purifiers in​ just about any space, no matter how much or​ how little room you have .​
The Ionic Breeze air purifiers are also known as​ being extremely quite, when compared to​ most other air purifiers .​

The full size Ionic Breeze towers are capable of​ cleaning the air in​ a​ room up to​ 500 square feet .​
Since this square footage is​ larger than most other air purifiers, you will find that Ionic Breeze air purifiers tend to​ sell for more money .​
In most cases, you should be able to​ purchase a​ full size Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air purifier for around $300 to​ $500 .​
If you were looking for something more affordable, you may want to​ examine the Table Top Ionic Breeze .​
The Table Top Ionic Breeze is​ ideal for 350 square foot rooms .​
When you think about it, this is​ still a​ fairly large amount of​ space .​
The Table Top Ionic Breeze retails for around $200.
In 2018, Shaper Image introduced a​ new air purifier .​
That air purifier is​ known as​ the Hybrid GP Germicidal Air Purifier .​
The Hybrid GP Germicidal Air Purifier is​ one of​ a​ kind .​
In fact, it​ is​ known as​ being on of​ the most efficient air purifier currently available for sale .​
As with the Ionic Breeze air purifiers, the Hybrid GP Germicidal Air Purifier is​ energy efficient; thus this top of​ the line air purifier will not only help to​ clean the air inside your home, but it​ will also reduce the cost of​ doing so, energy wise .​
Since the Sharper Image Hybrid GP Germicidal Air Purifier is​ considered top of​ the line, the price is​ higher than most air purifiers .​
This well performing air purifier tends to​ retail for around $450 .​
Although the cost may seem high, it​ is​ important that you remember what you are getting when you purchase this product .​
In addition to​ being a​ top of​ the line product, the Hybrid GP Germicidal Air Purifier also has a​ modern and compact design .​
This means that in​ addition to​ fitting into a​ wide variety of​ different spaces, the air purifier will also go great with just about any home décor .​

When considering the cost of​ Shaper Image air purifiers, including the Hybrid GP Germicidal Air Purifiers, as​ well as​ the line of​ Ionic Breezes, it​ is​ important to​ remember one thing .​
Unlike most other air purifiers, they do not need replacement filters .​
Almost all of​ the Shaper Image air purifiers are filter-less .​
Essentially this means, that you usually only need to​ wipe off a​ collection grid .​
This is​ important when determining the cost of​ a​ Sharper Image air purifier .​
Although the cost may seem high, you do not need to​ purchase additional accessories, which tend to​ drive up the cost of​ most air purifiers .​

If you would like to​ check out the air purifiers that are created by Shaper Image, you are advised to​ visit the company’s online website .​
That online website can be found by visiting

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