Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting
Shared web hosting is​ a​ way to​ get your website online with a​ reliable server .​
It has drawbacks when compared with a​ dedicated server .​
Depending on your type of​ business, or​ reason for​ your website, you may be better off using shared web hosting .​

The following types of​ websites are much better off using shared web hosting than a​ dedicated server:
* Fan websites that do not sell products but are devoted to​ a​ particular celebrity;
* Personal websites that are used to​ keep in​ touch with family members all over the​ country;
* Self promotion websites, such as​ those that post your resume or​ art;
* Small business websites that sell a​ service where the​ client calls your phone number;
* Small business websites that sell specialty items and​ do not generate a​ lot of​ traffic.
These sites will do well with shared service hosting .​
the​ way shared web hosting works is​ that the​ server hosts many different websites that all share the​ space and​ bandwidth .​
the​ above websites are typical examples of​ those that can benefit from a​ shared service website that costs little money to​ maintain each month as​ well as​ low start up costs.
Businesses that need a​ dedicated server include the​ following examples:
- Dating sites
- Large product sale sites
- a​ law firm website for​ employees
- a​ corporate website for​ employees only
- Large social networking sites that rely on ad revenue
The above each need the​ maximum amount of​ space for​ databases, such as​ dating site forums and​ shopping carts, as​ well as​ bandwidth to​ accommodate large amounts of​ traffic .​
Corporate and​ legal websites, as​ well as​ other websites that contain confidential information, also do better with a​ dedicated server as​ it​ provides additional security.
Forums and​ shopping carts tend to​ take up quite a​ bit of​ space, more than is​ usually allotted on a​ shared server .​
if​ you are planning on offering such conveniences on your website, you will probably want to​ have a​ dedicated server.
Law firms must maintain confidentiality for​ their clients .​
By having a​ dedicated server, they can doubly insure their security Because no one else is​ on the​ server but the​ law firm, it​ heightens security .​
and​ the​ service provider can make it​ additionally secure so that the​ confidential information remains confidential.
A large social networking site usually generates revenue from ads .​
In order to​ accommodate the​ traffic these site entail, a​ dedicated server is​ necessary .​
Sharing bandwidth with other websites will only slow down traffic to​ your site and​ lose ad revenue as​ people get disgusted with the​ down time and​ move on to​ another social networking site.
There are many choices to​ make when choosing the​ right web host for​ your internet site .​
Whether you choose a​ shared server to​ host your site or​ a​ dedicated server depends upon the​ type of​ website that you have, the​ revenue you expect to​ generate and​ the​ traffic you hope to​ attract .​
Although dedicated servers cost more to​ maintain each month, they may be well worth the​ additional cost in​ the​ long run and​ may actually end up saving you money or​ adding to​ your revenue.

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