Sexy Lingerie A Beginners Guide

Sexy Lingerie A Beginners Guide

Sexy Lingerie - a​ beginners Guide
Say ‘sexy lingerie’ and most people will think of​ black and red lacy peep-hole bras and crotchless panties! However, this concept is​ such a​ poor representation of​ what sexy lingerie is​ and what it​ does .​

It can transform a​ ‘normal’ body into one that would befit a​ model or​ actress and the physiological effects can make even more of​ a​ transformation! Read on… .​
Gone are the days when sexy lingerie was something that was bought by a​ woman or​ man to​ enhance sex – nowadays, it​ does so much more .​
Certainly, items such as​ silky baby dolls; pretty, colourful bras and knickers; suspenders; lacy teddies etc can enhance the experience of​ making love, but now women are seeing more to​ the picture that just that .​
Sexy underwear is​ steadily becoming a​ staple part of​ a​ woman’s normal day wear .​
Under many a​ suited, working woman you’ll see a​ hint of​ lacy bra or​ extra sheer stockings that give the lady a​ certain ‘oommpph’ .​

Not only does the wearing of​ ‘sexy’ lingerie exude sexuality (sometimes unbeknown to​ the lady in​ question), wearing sensuous, pretty/ racy underwear can boost a​ woman’s confidence in​ her body ten-fold .​

The good news is​ that today’s sexy lingerie is​ no longer uncomfortable, scratchy and unpractical .​
Fluid lines, top quality lace and silk and other sensual
materials, and, most important, a​ style suited for today’s woman (as opposed to​ yesterday’s stick insect shape) means they are like a​ second skin - and a​ very flattering one at​ that .​
‘Larger’ ladies – and the term is​ used very loosely as​ around 40% of​ the UK population falls in​ to​ this outdated category - are now catered for when it​ comes ot choosing pretty, fn and racy undies!
Push up bras can make the most of​ an​ ample (or tiny) breast whilst lacy boy pants can flatter a​ round belly and cuddly bottom whilst thongs can show of​ sexy legs .​

Wearing beautiful, sexy underwear cannot help but have a​ positive mental effect on the wearer – and a​ more confident, happy person will radiate this and reap the rewards .​

The key to​ make the most of​ wearing sexy lingerie is​ to​ focus on a​ part of​ your body that is​ really great – and we all have at​ least one, it​ is​ just that we tend to​ focus on the less than great bits – and then dress to​ really show it​ off .​
Even if​ it​ is​ hidden under your suit, or​ a​ t shirt and jeans, you know that you are wearing . .​
and then so will other people!

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