Several Dos And Don Ts For Starting A Virtual Assisting Business

Several Dos And Don Ts For Starting A Virtual Assisting Business

Several Do’s and Don’ts for Starting a​ Virtual Assisting Business
Virtual Assistants (VAs) are highly skilled professionals who provide administrative support and specialized services to​ businesses,​ entrepreneurs,​ executives,​ and others who have more work to​ do than time to​ do it .​
Examples of​ services a​ VA can do include web design and maintenance,​ word processing,​ meeting and event planning,​ desktop publishing,​ internet research,​ e-mail coordination,​ business start-up consultations and so much more .​
This can be the​ perfect work-at-home opportunity for many with good computer and Internet skills .​
Following are several Do’s and Don’ts to​ keep in​ mind for starting and operating your Virtual Assisting business .​
DO -- Decide on​ a​ targeted market and initially focus your marketing efforts in​ that area .​
By developing a​ niche in​ your field,​ your reputation spreads quickly and soon you become a​ recognized expert .​
Several specialties include: medical,​ legal or​ business transcription,​ resume consulting,​ transaction coordination -- real estate industry,​ desktop publishing,​ manuscript preparing,​ academic typing,​ e-mail support,​ internet research,​ etc.
DO -- Be creative about where you can find business .​
the​ Internet offers a​ large variety of​ potential for clients just waiting for you to​ contact them .​
Actively network and don’t limit your marketing to​ simply placing a​ few ads in​ newspapers or​ the​ Yellow Pages .​
You want to​ find where there might be a​ need—and go fill it!
DO -- Write a​ complete business plan and marketing plan .​
Too many leave out this vital step and waste valuable time unorganized and without a​ clear-cut goal and direction for their business .​
When starting a​ business you will have tons of​ ideas floating around .​
You need to​ materialize all these and put them into a​ workable plan of​ action.
DO -- Develop a​ website that looks sensational! Your website is​ often the​ first connection a​ potential client has with your services .​
It must immediately let them know that they are dealing with a​ professional .​
Your site must then have the​ POWER to​ draw them to​ you and contact you .​
Let them see that you value quality by the​ look and feel of​ it .​
Additional tips include letting them know what services you offer and why you are qualified to​ offer those services by mentioning your experience and education .​
Be sure to​ include points on​ why you stand out among the​ rest and are the​ BEST! For example,​ if​ you have been featured in​ articles,​ radio shows,​ etc.,​ have them listed with the​ dates .​
(See my example on​
DO -- Learn everything you can about starting a​ business .​
Knowledge is​ power and the​ more you know,​ the​ greater your chances for success .​
Look to​ online services and message boards and chats to​ talk with other Virtual Assistants operating a​ business .​
Remember these are often run by pros who have been in​ business for years and are willing to​ share their experience .​
For example,​ I​ mentor and manage virtual assisting boards on​,​,​ and .​
With 20 year’s experience,​ I​ often know what works and what doesn’t in​ starting a​ business and staying successful,​ so my experience can prove beneficial .​
DO -- Join associations that are targeted for our Industry .​
a​ few of​ the​ more popular ones are and,​ but there are many others .​
By connecting with these associations and being active,​ you learn from them what works and what doesn’t and you are able to​ post your questions to​ associate members via list serves often getting answers to​ your questions within minutes.
DO -- Read,​ read,​ read .​
By frequently continuing to​ increase your skills and your knowledge of​ your profession,​ the​ end result is​ a​ more confident satisfied you .​
Every tip you get from a​ book can be a​ new tool in​ your business .​
I​ recommend highlighting areas from several books and adding them to​ your library .​
Keep in​ mind that you might not use that idea today,​ but it​ might apply to​ specialties you might add down the​ road .​

DO -- Enjoy!! There’s no greater feeling than landing that first client or​ finishing your first big project .​
Plus,​ wait until you get the​ opportunity to​ tell someone you own and operate your own virtual assisting business .​
It sure beats I’m a​ secretary at​ ... .​
Plus,​ when you enjoy your business it​ shows .​
Your clients will sense your positive attitude and want to​ be a​ part of​ your team .​

DON'T – Under price your services .​
The average virtual assistant today makes $25 to​ $70 an​ hour,​ depending on​ their skills,​ services offered,​ location,​ and years of​ experience .​
Don’t make the​ mistake of​ assuming if​ you charge the​ lowest prices,​ you’ll get the​ most work .​
You won’t .​
Instead,​ you’ll end up working outrageous hours for peanuts! Clients will pay more for professional services .​
When a​ potential client discovers you’re charging a​ lower rate than standard,​ they often feel they will receive a​ quality of​ services that is​ also lower .​

DON'T -- Overextend yourself .​
One of​ the​ common mistakes many virtual assistants make is​ to​ accept too much work and then not be able to​ accurately complete it .​
Learn to​ say no or​ have a​ back-up helper who can assist you with any overflow work .​
Remember one of​ the​ most important ingredients for success is​ keeping your clients satisfied .​
If you overextend yourself and make a​ lot of​ errors,​ it​ will jeopardize your business.
DON'T -- Get discouraged .​
It takes time to​ get a​ business going .​
Plan ahead and have money saved in​ reserve .​
Don’t buy items until you have found the​ best possible price and there is​ an​ absolute need .​
This advance planning takes the​ pressure off of​ having to​ make money NOW .​
If things are slow and the​ phone just isn’t ringing .. .​
MAKE IT RING!! There’s plenty of​ work out there,​ you just need to​ aggressively pursue it .​
Finally,​ the​ most important ingredient for success is​ your belief in​ yourself .​
If you believe that with your skills and experience,​ you can own your own business,​ then there’s nothing stopping you .​

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