Seven Tips To Get The Best Discount Car Rental

Seven Tips To Get The Best Discount Car Rental

Seven Tips To Get The Best Discount Car Rental
Contrary to​ popular belief, car rental rates are not set in​ stone .​
Often, discounts can be found by doing your research, and simply asking for them .​
Rental companies are eager to​ rent out cars they are not using .​
Cars sitting on a​ lot are not making them any money.
Here are some tips to​ get best discount car rental rates
1 .​
Do your research .​
Car-rental research can be done online, on the phone, or​ by reading newspapers magazines or​ even your mail .​
It is​ important to​ compare the rates from various car-rental companies .​
Most car-rental companies web sites, where they will show you rates for various locations .​
Also check the travel comparison web sites to​ compare companies against each other.
You can also get on the horn to​ the car-rental companies, but this takes more time .​
Check the business and travel sections of​ your local newspaper and check the inserts in​ your credit card bills .​
Often, you will find discount coupons in​ those places.
2 .​
Book early .​
If you are planning your trip several months in​ advance, check car-rental prices available at​ that time .​
If you find what you consider fair, go ahead and lock it​ in .​
You can change it​ later, if​ you find a​ better rate .​
Many times, car-rental companies will give deep discounts to​ early renters.
3 .​
Book late .​
As the time for your trip approaches, car rental discounts may be found as​ car-rental companies try to​ unload their excess inventory .​
Like I​ said, cars that are just sitting around aren't doing anyone any good.
4 .​
Pick your car in​ town .​
You pay a​ price for the convenience of​ picking up your car at​ the airport .​
Ask your rental car company, about how much it​ would cost to​ pick up your car in​ town .​
Normally, free shuttles are provided from the airport to​ the car-rental location.
5 .​
Get the smallest car available .​
Determine the number of​ passengers traveling with you and the amount of​ their luggage, then get the smallest car that you will all comfortably fit in .​
Ideally, the car-rental company will be out of​ this car and will upgrade you for free to​ the next higher class .​
You can also ask about complementary upgrades.
6 .​
Ask about discounts .​
Ask your car-rental company if​ there are discounts for a​ weekly versus a​ daily rental, or​ if​ there are discounts for memberships such as​ AAA, USAA, AARP, or​ other organizations .​
If you work for a​ large company, ask about corporate rental rates.
7 .​
Gas up your car before returning it .​
I​ remember when car-rental companies would charge more than three dollars a​ gallon to​ gas up your car up on return .​
These days, that would almost be worth it .​
However, car-rental companies are charging a​ whole lot more than that for a​ gallon of​ gas .​
You can save a​ lot of​ money by putting the gas in​ yourself on your way to​ return the car.
By following these tips, you can get a​ better rate on car rentals just about anywhere in​ the world .​
Have a​ great trip!

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