Seven Tips For Buying Diy Corian Style Counters

Seven Tips for Buying DIY Corian Style Counters
When it​ comes to​ upgrading your kitchen, you don't want to​ skimp on your countertops .​
Much more so than appliances, poor quality countertops will prematurely age your kitchen .​
But if​ you've been shopping around and looking at​ Corian pricing, you may be put off by the expense of​ Corian solid surface kitchen tops .​
What you may not know is​ that you can save thousands of​ dollars by installing your Corian counters yourself .​
In fact, there are kits available that make it​ relatively easy for the do-it-yourselfer to​ install high quality Corian style counters .​
But how do you gauge reputable companies? Here are five tips for picking a​ winner:
1 .​
Customization: The company you choose should make your Corian style counters to​ fit your kitchen's specific size and shape .​
They should come with a​ 1-1/2 inch front edge, and be prepared and ready for joining at​ the intersecting corners .​
2 .​
Selection and Pricing: The company should have a​ wide variety of​ Corian colors from which you can choose, and should offer samples at​ a​ minimal cost so that you can make your final selection .​
The pricing should run about 50 to​ 60 percent of​ what you would pay to​ buy Corian counters and have them professionally installed .​
3 .​
Communication: You should be able to​ send the company a​ drawing of​ your kitchen layout and the dimensions of​ your countertops by fax or​ email .​
The company should then review your information and provide you with a​ list of​ the materials you will need to​ install your Corian style counters .​
They should be available to​ answer questions throughout and after the installation process .​
4 .​
Shipping: The shipping charges should be based on your location, and be shipped using a​ dependable and reputable carrier .​
Your Corian style counters should be packed in​ a​ wooden pallet that is​ fully enclosed and covered with top boards, plywood ends, and cross-bracing on each side .​
The crate should have a​ form core that will absorb any shocks encountered during shipping .​
5 .​
Instruction: While installing Corian style counters isn't exceptionally difficult for a​ seasoned do-it-yourselfer, it​ does require precise instructions .​
Ideally, the company you choose should provide written instructions (either on their website or​ in​ a​ booklet), as​ well as​ a​ DVD demonstration video .​
The best companies also hold Web seminars to​ help you learn how to​ install your solid surface kitchen tops.
6 .​
Warranty: The company you choose should offer a​ ten-year warranty, providing you install the countertops according to​ their instructions .​
Most companies require that you keep leftover material from the installation, since replacement material won't be an​ exact match to​ the Corian colors you chose .​
7 .​
Testimonials: Corian style counters are a​ big investment, even if​ you choose to​ install them yourself .​
Look for testimonials from the company you're considering, as​ well as​ any media coverage they may have received .​
If they have a​ solid track record of​ satisfied customers, chances are you'll be able to​ count yourself among them.

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