Setting Your Internal Clock For Financial Success

Setting Your Internal Clock For Financial Success
Here we are on a​ new year ALREADY? Will someone please tell me what happened to​ 2018? As I​ get older it​ seems to​ me that life really kicks into high gear and I​ become awash in​ activity and things-to-do without really even trying .​
So, what’s a​ person to​ do? Simple .​
Learn to​ set your internal clock! This is​ an​ easy exercise that I’ve been using for years to​ guide me on what needs to​ be done and when.
During this time of​ year as​ our calendar scrolls over once more, I​ take time out of​ each week to​ have a​ mini-conference with myself to​ determine what it​ is​ I​ want from 2018 .​
I​ never expect Life to​ hand me anything .​
I​ know that if​ I​ want something out of​ Life, I’m going to​ have to​ pursue it​ and pursue it​ with intense passion .​
My list of​ targets for 2018 will be a​ short one .​
Why? Because if​ I​ pursue each target with intense passion, it​ is​ required to​ be a​ short list! I​ need energy left over to​ handle all the day-to-day life experiences too.
For me, setting my sights on targets for 2018 is​ very easy .​
Why? Because I​ usually know exactly what I​ want out of​ life and I​ just readjust my viewpoint each year to​ move me closer to​ them .​
By setting and resetting my internal clock (targets) on an​ annual basis I​ am assured of​ hitting them more often than missing them .​
But for some folks they don’t have this sense of​ knowing and need a​ bit of​ help.
This is​ where your eulogy comes into play .​
If you’ve been to​ my seminar or​ read my books, you know how important it​ is​ to​ know exactly what you want out of​ life .​
So, now is​ the time for you to​ spend some effort working out your eulogy .​
This means that you focus on the end of​ your life rather than on where you are right now .​
Why focus on the end? Because when you die, you’re done! Right? So, if​ you start establishing a​ pattern of​ goal setting with the end in​ mind, it​ will alter the way you go about establishing your annual targets to​ reach the end .​
Even if​ you’ve done this exercise before, now is​ the time that you pull out that old eulogy and make sure that it​ still says what you want it​ to​ say .​
For me, mine changes annually! I​ constantly have to​ readjust it​ because I​ usually accomplish more than I​ wrote down!
First, write up the speech you want your best friend to​ make at​ your funeral .​
It will list all the things you have accomplished in​ the past tense .​
This is​ important .​
If everything is​ listed in​ past tense this allows your brain to​ relax .​
The emotional and physical barriers that have been erected against your success will be inconsequential to​ your mind’re DEAD! This removes a​ tremendous burden from your mental creativity .​
The normal tapes that run through your head keeping you from doing things are dissolved and you can now spend your energy coming up with ideas of​ what you really want to​ do rather than fighting yourself and justifying all the reasons why you could never become a​ black-belt Aikido master at​ age 38.
Second, you’ve finished up with your eulogy and you’re ready to​ move onto this year’s targets .​
Okay, slow down before you start working on the to-do list .​
Put your pen aside and think .​
Yes, think .​
(Take a​ deep breath, too, that helps the process) We don’t spend enough time doing this in​ our lives, but this is​ the critical time when you MUST do it .​
Think about the question: What do I​ really want? Seriously, what is​ it​ that YOU want? Not your husband, wife, children, family, friends, get the idea .​
What do you want? Once you have that firmly in​ your mind, then you grab your pencil and start listing the things YOU want to​ do this year, not because you SHOULD do them, not because it​ would make you a​ better person if​ you did them, list the things, honestly, that YOU want to​ do.
Third, after you’ve made your list (mine rarely has more than 5 things to​ do a​ year) Prioritize the passion you have for each one .​
This will determine if​ you’ve really listed things YOU want to​ do rather than things that you have been guilted into doing .​
If you find you don’t have an​ intense desire to​ do an​ item on your list, remove it​ at​ once! That item is​ not owned by YOU.
Lastly, post this list where you can see it​ every day .​
Research has been done on goal setting and the people who practice it .​
Successful people review their goals daily .​
This is​ not an​ extensive review .​
This is​ not spending hours a​ week working on a​ life plan .​
This is​ spending 15 seconds a​ day READING your list .​
By reading them daily you will determine very quickly if​ they really are your goals or​ someone else’s .​
If your passion for these accomplishments ever loses energy, then you know that it​ wasn’t really yours to​ begin with .​
If that is​ the case, then sit down and start again .​
Write a​ new list .​
Sure, go ahead, throw away the old list, but then make sure you create a​ NEW one .​
Successful people have one very characteristic trait .​
They never give up .​
They may wander a​ bit, get distracted, or​ go off on a​ weird path and have to​ retrace their steps, but they never stop walking! Make sure you do the same .​
Keep walking your way to​ your success and remember to​ constantly set that internal clock to​ what YOU want!

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