Setting Up Your Bluetooth Network

Setting Up Your Bluetooth Network

Setting Up Your Bluetooth Network
If you are unfamiliar with the​ term Personal Area Network, it​ simply refers to​ your computer and​ the​ devices it​ is​ connected to .​
Normally, this could include devices like a​ PDA, a​ cell phone, a​ digital camera, and​ maybe a​ scanner and​ a​ printer if​ you are not connected to​ a​ larger network .​
Your keyboard and​ your mouse are also on your PAN .​
Basically, it​ is​ everything in​ and​ around your desk that you connect to​ your computer.
Add to​ this the​ fact that you may need to​ add a​ USB hub into the​ equation and​ you are looking at​ a​ pretty messy workspace .​
In fact, it​ will probably look like a​ spaghetti junction of​ wires and​ cables by the​ time you get everything connected.
So, if​ it​ is​ all getting too much for​ you it​ may be time to​ think about setting up a​ Bluetooth Personal Area Network .​
For a​ little extra you can buy the​ equipment you need so that your workspace is​ completely free of​ wires and​ your peripherals connect easily with your computer and​ with each other without the​ need to​ plug anything in.
If you are setting up a​ Personal Area Network from scratch you may may want to​ set up a​ fully Bluetooth-enabled workspace .​
If you already have a​ workspace, you probably just want to​ introduce Bluetooth devices as​ and​ when they are needed.
Either way, the​ first thing you need is​ a​ computer with Bluetooth capabilities .​
By now, most new computers will come with built in​ Bluetooth so make sure of​ this if​ you are buying new .​
If you have an​ older computer you may have to​ invest in​ a​ Bluetooth dongle .​
However, these are available for​ as​ little as​ $20 so it​ doesn't cost that much to​ get started.
Now that you have a​ Bluetooth-enabled computer, you can start to​ think about about what Bluetooth peripherals you will want to​ use on your Personal Area Network.
Keyboard and​ mouse
The two essentials of​ any Personal Area Network .​
Without these you won't be getting too much done .​
These will be permanent fixtures on your desk so Bluetooth options mainly offer the​ advantage of​ reducing clutter by cutting out cables .​
Bluetooth keyboards start around the​ $50 mark while a​ Bluetooth mouse will cost $30 and​ up.
If you spend a​ lot of​ time on the​ road these are an​ excellent option as​ they can allow you to​ work quickly and​ easily on your PDA .​
You can also get Bluetooth folding keyboards to​ take with you on the​ road .​
Cell phones and​ PDAs
For many people, this is​ where a​ Bluetooth Personal Area Network will really come into its own .​
If you work out of​ the​ office a​ lot you will gather contacts, arrange meetings and​ gather other data on the​ go .​
If your network is​ Bluetooth enabled, you can synch your cell phone or​ PDA with your computer so that you can update your calendar and​ address book at​ the​ touch of​ a​ button, or​ even automatically .​
These are just some basic capabilities .​
New technologies such as​ the​ iPhone are taking this to​ a​ much higher level.
A Bluetooth headset is​ almost an​ essential these days, especially if​ you spend a​ lot of​ time in​ the​ car .​
Simply hook it​ up to​ your cell phone to​ keep your hands free .​
This is​ also handy if​ you use VoIP at​ the​ office or​ at​ home as​ you can take and​ make calls and​ still wander around the​ room freely .​
Good Bluetooth headsets are available for​ about $50.
Other peripherals
There are any number of​ other gadgets and​ peripherals you can add to​ your Bluetooth network .​
You may want to​ check out a​ Bluetooth MP3 player or​ camera .​
Although bear in​ mind that transfer speeds remain limited so you could be waiting a​ long time for​ high res photos to​ transfer from one device to​ another .​
However, this is​ improving .​
There are also plenty of​ weird and​ wonderful Bluetooth peripherals for​ you gadget fans .​
For example, you can get a​ Bluetooth watch that tells you about incoming calls on your mobile phone when it's out of​ reach .​
Hardly essential, but kind of​ cool all the​ same.
So, whether you want to​ boost your productivity and​ improve your working environment, or​ you just want to​ play with some fun gadgets, Bluetooth is​ the​ way to​ go.

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