Serious Skin Care

Serious Skin Care

Serious skin care
‘Serious skin care’ is​ about maintaining a​ healthy and​ glowing skin all through your life . ​
as​ you​ grow older,​ your body’s natural skin care mechanisms become weaker . ​
So,​ ‘serious skin care’ is​ about responding to​ the​ changing needs of​ your skin . ​
Thus,​ ‘serious skin care’ is​ about constantly evaluating,​ analysing and​ changing your skin care routines . ​
Your skin care routine should change based on​ the​ environmental conditions,​ your age and​ changes in​ your skin type . ​

‘Serious skin care’ is​ also about awareness . ​
With the​ technological advancements and​ research,​ more and​ more facts are being brought to​ light everyday . ​
Also,​ the​ composition and​ nature of​ skin care products seems to​ be changing with time . ​
So trying out the​ new products is​ also a​ part of​ serious skin care . ​
However,​ ‘serious skin care’ advises using a​ new product over a​ small patch of​ skin not facial skin first,​ just to​ see how your skin reacts to​ it . ​

‘Serious skin care’ also means knowing how to​ use your skin care products . ​
Good practices include things like applying the​ moisturizers while the​ skin is​ damp,​ using upward strokes for​ better penetration of​ skin care products,​ removing the​ make up before going to​ bed,​ cleansing before moisturising or​ applying make up,​ using the​ correct amount of​ skin care products,​ etc . ​
Thus,​ increasing the​ effectiveness of​ your skin care products is​ another focus area of​ serious skin care . ​

Some precautions,​ like avoiding contact with detergents,​ are also part of​ serious skin care . ​
‘Serious skin care’ means being gentle with your skin . ​
Things like overexfoliation,​ use of​ low quality products,​ and​ application of​ strongchemical based products,​ are all harmful to​ your skin . ​
Some people have a​ wrong notion about serious skin care . ​
for​ them serious skin care is​ using large quantities of​ products as​ often as​ possible . ​
However,​ this really isn’t serious skin care and​ that’s why awareness is​ so important . ​

‘Serious skin care’ is​ also about visiting your dermatologist for​ treatment of​ skin disorders . ​
Ignoring the​ skin disorders can be fatal for​ your skin and​ might lead to​ permanent damage . ​
So,​ if​ the​ things don’t improve with over the​ counter medication,​ you​ should immediately visit a​ dermatologist . ​
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squeezing of​ acne/pimples is​ a​ big no it​ can lead to​ permanent damage of​ your skin . ​

So,​ seriously serious skin care is​ more about precautions and​ preventive measures than treatment . ​
Serious skin care is​ about being proactive as​ well as​ reactive . ​
in​ fact,​ we​ can say that ‘serious skin care’ is​ about being proactive about the​ needs of​ your skin so that the​ need for​ being reactive is​ reduced to​ a​ minimum . ​

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