Selling Your Used Car To Get Top Dollars

Selling Your Used Car To Get Top Dollars

You are in​ the​ market to​ buy a​ new car. Your first thought is​ to​ trade in​ your existing one at​ the​ dealership. if​ you​ do not have any time and you​ are very comfortable loosing a​ couple of​ thousand dollars,​ go ahead and trade in​ your existing vehicle at​ the​ dealership. if​ you​ trade in​ at​ the​ dealership,​ you​ don’t have to​ pay a​ portion of​ the​ sales tax,​ equivalent to​ the​ trade-in value of​ your old car,​ on​ your new car. For a​ $2,​000 trade-in,​ that may be as​ high as​ $160 at​ 8% sales tax rate. But the​ same $2,​000 trade-in car can be sold at​ $3,​000 to​ a​ private party if​ you​ put some efforts. And that can be a​ nice chunk of​ money for a​ few hours of​ works.

If you​ have read so far,​ you​ must be interested in​ getting that extra $1,​000. Go ahead start your research for the​ fair market value of​ your car using Enter all your available vehicle features and mileage to​ obtain an​ accurate number. Take a​ printout of​ the​ page. Now you​ have all the​ details of​ your car at​ your finger tips and the​ estimated market value the​ sellers in​ your region are willing to​ pay from a​ private party sale.

Call your local news paper and buy a​ classified ads in​ automotive section for one week starting from a​ Sunday. Some local papers will extend your ad for an​ additional week for a​ nominal charge or​ for free if​ the​ vehicle is​ not sold in​ one week. Give details like make,​ model,​ year,​ mileage,​ engine cylinder size,​ etc. Also check out the​ online car selling sites like motor and Get the​ title of​ your car and keep it​ in​ a​ place you​ can access it​ quickly if​ a​ prospective buyer wants to​ buy the​ car immediately.

Take your car to​ the​ nearest car wash and give it​ a​ through cleaning,​ both interior and exterior. Remove every thing from the​ trunk,​ back seats,​ and floor. the​ car should only have floor mats on​ the​ floor. Trunk should be completely empty. Secure the​ spare tire and the​ jack appropriately. Vacuum the​ trunk. Use a​ spot remover to​ remove spots from seats and trunk carpet if​ it​ is​ possible. Don’t spend money fixing the​ car for any mechanical and electrical repairs,​ unless it​ is​ very minor like replacing the​ fuse or​ a​ bulb etc.. Be honest to​ the​ buyer if​ you​ have any mechanical or​ electrical problems with your car. Take the​ car to​ a​ quick oil change place for oil change and topping of​ other fluids. Most quick oil places will also fill up your anti-freeze,​ transmission fluids,​ power steering fluid if​ you​ go for their 20,​ 21 or​ whatever point inspection. They will also inflate your tires pressure to​ the​ recommended level.

When prospective buyers call you,​ answer all questions they might have about your vehicle. Answer them honestly because you​ want to​ turn an​ appointment into a​ sale. Make appointment at​ a​ specific time. don’t be vague like “come after work”,​ because your “after work” and the​ buyer’s “after work” may not be the​ same. Ask the​ buyer to​ come during the​ day and not at​ night. This may be a​ problem during the​ week-days in​ Winter months when days are shorter but in​ the​ Summer it​ should not be a​ problem. you​ can also schedule your appointment during the​ week-ends in​ the​ Winter months. Get the​ cell phone number of​ the​ prospective buyer if​ it​ is​ possible. However,​ don’t get upset if​ the​ prospective buyer does not show up or​ shows up late. Remember that a​ prospective buyer is​ your customer and “customer is​ always right.”

Before the​ buyer takes the​ car for a​ test drive,​ check his/her driver’s license. you​ should accompany the​ buyer during the​ test drive and direct the​ buyer to​ roads you​ are familiar with. Don’t allow him/her to​ take the​ car wherever he/she wants. During price negotiation,​ don’t be extremely rigid in​ your price. Depending on​ the​ resale value of​ your car,​ you​ should be able to​ accept a​ couple of​ hundred dollars less than your advertised price. Take only cash; do not take checks or​ registered checks.

If you​ receive any inquires from prospective buyers to​ your online advertisement,​ be very cautious. There are lots of​ scams going on​ online. if​ the​ online buyer proposes to​ send you​ a​ registered check for more than what you​ are asking for and tells you​ to​ send the​ difference to​ a​ shipping company,​ than you​ know it​ is​ definitely a​ scam. the​ check is​ forged and they will take your money and run. Have fun with your extra money.

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