Selling Your Spouse On The Idea Of A Remortgage

Selling Your Spouse On The Idea Of A Remortgage

Selling Your Spouse on​ the​ Idea Of a​ Remortgage
Honey,​ I​ think its time to​ remortgage,​ Larry said .​
His wife,​ Harriet,​ wasnt moved,​ though,​ and quickly squelched the​ idea with a​ disgusted look and a​ quick move to​ another room in​ their house .​
And so they kept their current mortgage and Larry never said anything about remortgage opportunities again.
Dont allow what happened to​ poor Larry to​ happen to​ you​ Larry wasnt prepared to​ sell Harriet on​ the​ concept of​ pursuing a​ remortgage,​ and so she ended up walking all over him… and losing the​ couple serious amounts of​ cash
Instead of​ starting a​ conversation regarding remortgage without having any backup information,​ its important to​ learn all you​ can beforehand about remortgage so you​ can wisely and intelligently discuss the​ topic .​
Here,​ well look at​ a​ few things you​ need to​ know to​ sell someone else on​ the​ concept of​ a​ remortgage with ease.
Remortgage Selling Point number 1: Lower Interest Rates
Before you​ approach your spouse about a​ remortgage,​ do a​ little research and find out the​ going interest rates of​ at​ least three lenders .​
He or​ she may be shocked to​ learn that youre currently paying significantly more than you​ need to​ hence,​ a​ remortgage could mean a​ sizeable savings.
Remortgage Selling Point number 2: Debt Consolidation Options
Many remortgage lenders are now offering customers debt consolidation options this means youll only have one payment to​ make each month,​ covering most of​ your creditors .​
Its the​ perfect option if​ you​ find that youre always strapped for cash and are ending up making the​ bare minimum payments on​ your credit cards.
Remortgage Selling Point number 3: a​ New Lender,​ a​ New Experience
Perhaps you​ havent been overly happy with your current lender .​
a​ remortgage could become the​ perfect way to​ end a​ bad relationship and begin one where you​ and your spouse will be treated with the​ courtesy and respect you​ deserve .​
Never underestimate how much better another company can treat you​ the​ difference can be quite noticeable,​ right from the​ beginning.
Remortgage Selling Point number 4: a​ Remortgage is​ Fast and Relatively Easy
Unlike when you​ got your mortgage on​ your property,​ a​ remortgage is​ like the​ proverbial piece of​ cake .​
you​ probably wont even need much of​ a​ home inspection to​ get a​ remortgage,​ and the​ whole remortgage process usually takes a​ few short weeks to​ accomplish.
Remortgage Selling Point number 5: the​ Chance to​ Rebuild Poor Credit
Finally,​ if​ you​ and your spouse have been plagued with terrible or​ even less-than-perfect credit for a​ long time,​ a​ remortgage can afford you​ the​ opportunity to​ finally start building your credit ratings .​
This is​ especially true if​ you​ choose a​ remortgage as​ part of​ a​ debt consolidation package or​ deal.
In the​ end,​ its important for you​ to​ not become like Larry .​
Look into remortgages and be prepared to​ sell them to​ your significant other when the​ time comes If he or​ she seems hesitant,​ just remind him or​ her that you​ can always take a​ nice weekend vacation with the​ money youll save the​ first year

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