Selling Your House Ten Tips

Selling Your House Ten Tips

Selling Your House: Ten Tips
One of​ the​ biggest mistakes people make when selling a​ house,​ is​ not understanding real estate value .​
It doesn't matter at​ all what you​ think your home is​ worth .​
The value of​ your home,​ and any improvements you​ made,​ is​ determined by buyers .​
What you​ enjoyed about your house is​ irrelevant when it's time to​ sell it .​
Think in​ terms of​ what other people want,​ and use some of​ the​ following tips.
House Selling Tips
1 .​
Know your market .​
Find out what other similar houses have sold for,​ and have those examples ready to​ show potential buyers.
2 .​
Decide on​ your minimum price - the​ price below which you​ will just not move .​
Don't tell your agent what this minimum is,​ but work with any buyers who make an​ offer above it.
3 .​
Clean the​ most visible things first .​
Buy a​ new mailbox,​ perhaps .​
If buyers fall in​ love with the​ house before they even enter it,​ they'll forgive a​ lot of​ problems.
4 .​
Clean up the​ neighborhood .​
If there's a​ neighbor who's yard is​ a​ mess,​ give their kids $10 to​ pick up the​ yard .​
Spend another $20 to​ put flowers in​ any common-areas,​ and buyers will have a​ better first impression of​ the​ neighborhood.
5 .​
If you​ or​ your agent aren't getting many calls,​ find out why .​
is​ more advertising necessary,​ or​ is​ the​ price too high? Drop it​ fast,​ if​ price is​ the​ problem.
6 .​
Listen to​ comments of​ prospects .​
They will be more objective than you​ .​
If you​ hear several times that the​ kitchen is​ dark,​ get out the​ white paint.
7 .​
Find out what the​ average sales time is​ in​ your area .​
If your house is​ taking longer than average to​ sell,​ there is​ a​ problem .​
Usually it's price.
8 .​
Be sure to​ ask your real estate agent what they plan to​ do - before you​ sign a​ listing agreement .​
Write down what he says,​ and hold him to​ his promises.
9 .​
If there are any known problems,​ such as​ an​ old roof,​ get an​ estimate for repairs .​
The sellers may want a​ $7,​000 allowance for a​ new roof - until you​ show them your $4,​000 estimate.
10 .​
Do any improvements that can realisically get you​ at​ least a​ two-to-one return on​ investment .​
If $300 to​ seal the​ driveway is​ likely to​ add $600 to​ the​ sales price of​ the​ home,​ do it .​
Consider first those things that are most visible.
There are dozens of​ things you​ can do to​ sell your house faster,​ and get a​ better price .​
If you​ don't have time to​ do them all,​ start with the​ ones that will get the​ most bang for your buck.

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