Selling Your Home On Your Own

Selling Your Home On Your Own

Selling Your Home on​ Your Own?
If you​ have Tampa Bay Florida real estate,​ Pinellas County real estate or​ Clearwater property and are looking to​ put your home up for sale,​ you​ have a​ thousand questions that you​ need to​ ask yourself .​
The first question you​ need to​ ask is​ do you​ need to​ use a​ real estate agent,​ or​ can you​ sell your home on​ your own?
Unless you​ have experience in​ selling homes,​ or​ have sold your own home before and know what you​ are getting yourself into,​ you​ should hire a​ professional real estate agent .​
The business of​ selling homes is​ quite intricate,​ there is​ a​ lot of​ legal paperwork to​ fill out,​ a​ lot of​ questions and answers that if​ you​ answer them incorrectly can cost you​ thousands of​ dollars,​ which is​ far more money than you​ would have ‘spent’ on​ a​ real estate agent.
Your Clearwater Property is​ worth something to​ you,​ it’s not just a​ home,​ it’s an​ investment .​
No matter how long you​ have owned your Tampa Bay real estate,​ Pinellas County real estate or​ your Clearwater property,​ it​ has increased in​ value and has become an​ investment that you​ want to​ protect .​
By attempting to​ sell your property yourself,​ you​ could be losing out on​ your investment and cost yourself more money than you​ will make on​ the​ sale.
Real estate agents are licensed professionals who know how to​ sell property .​
They are skilled and knowledgeable about the​ ins and outs of​ all the​ intricacies that revolve around selling property,​ from the​ initial advertising to​ the​ close of​ the​ deal .​
Imagine this: you​ decide to​ sell your home yourself and you​ put a​ listing in​ the​ paper .​
‘Interested people’ start calling you​ at​ all hours of​ the​ day and night telling you​ they would like to​ come and view your home .​
You wait all day and finally someone,​ who looks a​ little shady,​ comes to​ your door and you​ lead them ceremoniously through your home,​ pointing out all the​ great features so they will want to​ purchase your home .​
In the​ mean time,​ this shady character is​ looking at​ where you​ keep all your valuables and finding the​ points of​ entry into your home that will be easiest for him when you​ are not home .​
That sounds like fun,​ doesn’t it?
If you​ already have your home listed as​ a​ 'For Sale by Owner',​ take a​ look at​ your track record so far .​
Have you​ had anyone come to​ look at​ your home,​ or​ anyone that was interested in​ your home? Real estate agents are trained professionals,​ they know how to​ gather prospective buyers that allow you​ to​ sell your home,​ especially your Tampa Bay real estate,​ Pinellas County real estate or​ your Clearwater property .​
I know what you’re thinking -- how hard is​ it​ to​ sell my own home? you​ are thinking that no one knows your home better than you​ do .​
After all,​ you​ are the​ one that has lived there for however many years,​ and know just where all the​ good things are,​ and where all the​ ‘bad things’ are .​
a​ real estate agent that has spent years selling and buying homes can probably help you​ sell yours,​ faster and cheaper than what you​ can on​ your own .​

Real estate agents have access to​ listings that you​ can not access .​
a​ professional real estate agent can list your Tampa Bay real estate,​ Pinellas County real estate or​ your Clearwater property across the​ country with one or​ two faxes or​ clicks of​ a​ computer button .​
They are the​ guys in​ ‘the know’ on​ where to​ best market your home so it​ will sell quickly and at​ a​ fair price .​
Your real estate agent will work for you,​ to​ get you​ the​ best price for your property .​
The minor commission fees that they charge will be small in​ comparison to​ the​ charges you​ will incur trying to​ sell your home on​ your own.
Let’s not forget that time is​ money .​
It is​ better to​ sell your property in​ a​ week or​ two using a​ real estate agent than in​ five months on​ your own,​ right? Absolutely!
Call or​ email now and find a​ real estate agent that can take the​ ‘for sale by owner’ nightmare off your hands and turn the​ sale of​ your property into the​ dream you​ deserve.

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