Selling Your Home Be Sure It Shows Well

Selling Your Home Be Sure It Shows Well

Selling Your Home – Be Sure It Shows Well
Whether you​ are selling a​ house,​ townhouse,​ condo or​ apartment,​ there are universal tips that will help it​ sell .​
Primary among those tips are making sure your home shows well.
First impressions of​ a​ home go a​ long way to​ determining how quickly it​ will sell .​
Here are a​ few suggestions that will make your home show well.
1 .​
Be sure the​ approach to​ your home is​ clean,​ tidy and well groomed .​
Any brass should be polished,​ paint on​ the​ door should be in​ good condition and the​ door should be washed clean of​ fingerprints and paw marks.
2 .​
If your home is​ a​ single family house,​ be sure the​ grass is​ cut,​ leaves raked,​ plant beds mulched and weeded,​ etc.
3 .​
If your home is​ in​ a​ multi-family building,​ be sure the​ approach and hall to​ your home is​ clean even if​ it​ is​ not your job!
4 .​
Be sure your home is​ tidy and uncluttered .​
This includes closets,​ cabinets,​ garages,​ and other storage areas .​
When stuffed,​ no amount of​ storage shows as​ adequate .​
When really messy,​ no room looks charming.
5 .​
Make any repairs that are noticeably needed .​
Door handles and locks should fit well and firmly .​
Exterior doors should shut and lock solidly .​
Drains and downspouts should be firmly attached and clear of​ debris so water flows freely .​
Attached light fixtures should be firmly attached .​
All switches should turn on​ whatever they were designed to​ turn on​ -- light,​ fan,​ disposal,​ etc.
6 .​
Conventional wisdom dictates your home should be neutralized .​
You can’t really go wrong following this advice .​
You know the​ drill -- beige or​ soft gray carpet,​ beige,​ gray,​ or​ taupe walls,​ white or​ off-white woodwork and ceilings .​
Sometimes a​ very soft gold or​ a​ soft sage green can also read as​ neutral.
7 .​
If you​ have a​ sure sense of​ decorating (you probably do if​ family and friends frequently ask your advice and you​ enjoy making decorating decisions),​ and especially if​ you​ plan to​ leave color coordinated window treatments,​ you​ might leave more definite colors in​ place understanding that a​ potential buyer with no imagination might be put off by them and not think to​ request a​ redecorating allowance in​ a​ contract offer .​
Still,​ beautiful decorating which is​ not neutral undeniably attracts some buyers.
8 .​
If your carpet is​ in​ poor condition,​ but you​ cannot afford to​ replace it,​ get several neutral samples in​ a​ mid-price range from a​ local carpet store,​ spread them on​ the​ floor,​ and add a​ note stating that you​ will be glad to​ provide a​ carpet allowance from the​ proceeds of​ settlement.
9 .​
Dark homes show badly .​
Make sure lamps are on​ and lampshades are straight with the​ seams toward a​ wall .​
Make sure there is​ as​ much natural light as​ possible; have curtains,​ shades and blinds open.
Buyers are looking for a​ home they can see themselves living in​ .​
Follow the​ above tips and you​ will position your home to​ sell quickly.

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