Selling Your Computer

Selling Your Computer

Selling Your Computer
Looking at​ Alternatives
At some point,​ your needs are going to​ outgrow the​ capabilities of​ your computer. you​ may find yourself in​ need of​ more hard drive space for all those videos and mp3s that you​ download,​ for example. or​ maybe that cool new programming language youve been dying to​ try requires more memory than what your computer currently has. Unless the​ activities on​ your computer are restricted to​ pure textual output plain text files,​ your computer is​ going to​ get filled with a​ lot of​ stuff stuff that can overfill a​ PCs capacity too much for the​ computer to​ function well.
The problem is​ that while upgrading a​ computer is​ always an option,​ technology advances so fast that newer products such as​ memory chips,​ new drives,​ etc. arent always compatible with the​ machines that we own. This is​ a​ common occurrence when newer pieces of​ hardware require the​ programming of​ a​ newer operating system. Sure,​ one could upgrade the​ operating system to​ accommodate the​ demands of​ a​ new piece of​ hardware,​ but trouble starts when that new operating system requires new hardware in​ return. if​ were not careful,​ we could end up replacing almost every hard and soft part of​ a​ computer that we own all in​ an effort to​ upgrade! Upgrading in​ this fashion is​ not only silly to​ do so,​ its also costly more costly than simply buying a​ new computer.
But once the​ decision to​ buy a​ computer is​ set in​ stone,​ what can be done with the​ old one? There are alternatives to​ selling a​ computer and this article is​ going to​ introduce a​ few of​ them.
1. Give it​ to​ the​ kids. This is​ of​ course,​ assuming the​ kids are too young to​ whine about not having enough SDRAM or​ less than a​ 160GB hard drive. Todays older computers are perfectly capable of​ accommodating the​ needs of​ young PC users,​ and theyre excellent machines for playing educational CDs,​ small multimedia files,​ or​ games downloaded from the​ Internet. And dont forget the​ most important role they play in​ a​ childs homeworkclad life a​ simple encyclopedia CD on​ a​ used computer makes excellent research tool not to​ mention a​ rather fancy calculator!.
2. Donate it​ to​ a​ lessfortunate or​ lessliterate family member. We often joke around the​ office about the​ grandma who refuses to​ use a​ computer until she can afford the​ latest one. Chances are,​ Grandma isnt ever going to​ shell out the​ bucks to​ buy the​ latest computer on​ the​ market,​ nor is​ she going to​ know how to​ use it​ once she gets it. What Grandma doesnt realize however is​ that a​ used computer is​ an excellent training tool that she can use to​ prepare herself for something better in​ the​ future. We always say,​ Tis better to​ screw up something on​ an old,​ used machine than to​ screw up everything on​ a​ brand new one! a​ couple of​ errors on​ an old,​ used machine are easier to​ fix because someone is​ going to​ have the​ experience and knowledge to​ fix it. Errors on​ a​ new machine however can be a​ beast to​ fix because were all knocking at​ Microsofts door looking for answers.
3. Convert the​ machine into a​ storage area. as​ another alternative to​ selling that machine,​ we suggest that people disconnect it​ from the​ Internet and use it​ to​ store personal documents,​ records,​ or​ files. This way,​ personal data such as​ bank statements,​ store receipts,​ health records,​ etc. is​ protected from prying viruses or​ hackers,​ while the​ newer machine is​ used to​ surf the​ net.
As you​ can see,​ old computers still serve a​ purpose either for you​ or​ for someone else. And although selling an old computer is​ always an option,​ there are a​ number of​ things that you​ can do with an old computer. All thats required is​ a​ little out of​ the​ box thinking and a​ grateful recipient.
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