Selling Online Selling Offline Whats The Difference

Selling Online Selling Offline Whats The Difference

Selling Online,​ Selling Offline -- What's the​ Difference?

Online selling differs from person-to-person offline selling .​
In selling online,​ you​ don't have the​ opportunity for that natural two-way dialogue .​
People come to​ your site and are exposed to​ a​ one-way reading of​ your message,​ which can feel impersonal.

Check it​ out for yourself .​
If you​ look at​ 9 out of​ 10 website home pages,​ what do you​ see?

Online variations of​ the​ standard sales or​ cold-calling script: We are .. .​
and we do ...

Why is​ this a​ problem? Because these sites are offering their solutions long before visitors can have any sense that they are being understood,​ and long before they feel any sense of​ trust in​ what they're seeing.

Visitors come to​ sites because they have a​ problem in​ mind and are looking for answers.

It's easier than you​ might think to​ solve the​ problems of​ one-way communication,​ impersonality,​ and lack of​ trust.

All you​ have to​ do is​ put yourself in​ the​ position of​ your site visitor,​ articulate their specific issues or​ problems,​ and gently offer solutions that they can choose without feeling as​ if​ they are being sold.

Here are some simple ways you​ can warm up your site so you​ get as​ close as​ you​ can to​ a​ natural two-way dialogue:

* Remember the​ Written Word module from the​ Self-Study Program?

Beware of​ over-using I​ or​ We on​ your home page or​ at​ the​ beginning of​ your written message.

For example,​ rather than immediately pushing your product as​ the​ first thing visitors see on​ your home page,​ use language that addresses problems you​ know you​ can solve.

State those problems,​ and you'll find that your visitors are drawn more deeply into your site.

* Create a​ clear path through your site that lets visitors make their own decisions about what's best for them.

* Give your visitors a​ taste of​ your solutions so they can feel that you​ can actually solve their problems or​ issues .​
Downloads,​ test drives and other free samples give visitors the​ live experience of​ your solution and make them feel more comfortable with it.

* Last,​ and maybe most importantly: I'm always surprised by how few website owners seem to​ actually want to​ communicate with the​ potential customers who visit their website .​
But...have you​ ever gone to​ a​ site to​ order a​ product or​ service and ended up calling the​ toll-free number instead? Have you​ ever thought about why you​ did that? Maybe it​ was because you​ could ask questions of​ the​ live person who took your order,​ and this increased your sense of​ trust.

So...make yourself available to​ site visitors by having a​ Live Chat or​ Push to​ Talk button (see below) on​ your website.

Talk directly with visitors to​ your site as​ they enter the​ virtual world that you've created for them.

There's nothing better than a​ two-way dialogue to​ humanize the​ online experience.

I enjoy it​ so much when visitors click on​ my Live Chat or​ Push to​ talk button,​

and we establish that all-important personal connection.

Try it​ on​ your site .​
You'll love talking to​ your website visitors because you'll be able to​ help them solve their problems.

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