Self Marketing Techniques For Writers

One of​ the most effective ways to​ present your work to​ prospective clients is​ by having an​ online presence. as​ the world shrinks through the use of​ the worldwide web, you will find clients on an​ international basis may be interested in​ your work and in​ your ability to​ work for them.

First Step

By creating a​ website you have the opportunity to​ place testimonials, pricing structure, examples and a​ list or​ services you provide.

Because most writers have problems with self-marketing it​ is​ important to​ remember you are not necessarily marketing yourself, you are marketing the time-honored skill of​ writing. in​ many cases this assists writers in​ understanding that they don't need to​ be prideful they have been given a​ skill. Writer should be careful to​ make wise use of​ their skills for the mutual benefit of​ writer and client.


The use of​ blogging has become a​ highly prized self-marketing tool. a​ blog will allow visitors to​ see you as​ a​ person and enjoy your personal approach to​ passing along information.

A blog can allow you to​ pass along services you can provide. You can also use a​ blog to​ pass along success stories and provide general examples of​ recent work you have accepted. You don't want to​ be too specific and should keep client confidentiality uppermost in​ your thinking.

Discover Your Strengths

If you are especially gifted in​ one type of​ writing make sure you list it​ as​ a​ specialty service you can provide. Never stop learning and improve on even your greatest skills.

Improve Your Weaknesses

If you are weak in​ an​ area of​ writing you can do one of​ two things, 1) give up and tell clients you can't do the work or, 2) learn the skills needed to​ become proficient in​ the skill.

Your clients don't want to​ hear excuses, they want to​ perceive you as​ their go-to writer who can get things taken care of​ in​ a​ professional and timely manner.


Never be afraid of​ research. in​ an​ indirect way research can be used as​ a​ marketing tool. This tool can provide information on writing styles and markets to​ pursue.

Final Word

A writer should never stop learning. Understanding the usefulness of​ self-marketing is​ a​ means of​ learning a​ skill that will allow you to​ write with confidence knowing the skills you possess are connecting with others and fulfilling a​ genuine need.

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