Self Improvement And Making Money Is Just A Click Away

Self Improvement And Making Money Is Just A Click Away

This article recently appeared in​ the​ weekly Northern Review Newspaper, Limpopo Province, Polokwane, South Africa and​ was written by a​ reporter, Liana Jansen.

Who has ever come across a​ website offering products and​ resources for​ all walks of​ life, like pregnant mothers, pre-school children, middle-year children, teenagers, parents, adults, grandparents, career junkies, craft junkies, hobby junkies, recipe tasters, chefs, fitness freaks, sport freaks, health freaks, outdoor enthusiasts, training consultants, supervisors, managers, senior managers, shareholders, entrepreneurs, website owners and​ business owners?

The International Business Opportunities Membership Club gives you an​ opportunity to​ invest in​ yourself and​ your family members. Their website is​ informative and​ diverse.

"Formal education will make you a​ living, but self-education will make you a​ fortune". These are the​ words of​ Jim Rohn and​ also the​ philosophy of​ the​ founders of​ the​ International Business Opportunities Membership Club.

Do you want to​ change your lifestyle, take that dream holiday or​ secure a​ future for​ your children? the​ International Business Opportunities Membership Club gives you an​ opportunity to​ invest in​ yourself and​ your family members so you can achieve precisely that. Their self-explaining, interesting and​ possible life-changing website is​ easy to​ use, diverse, informative and​ interactive.

The website can change your point of​ view regarding money and​ opportunities and​ open up a​ world of​ changed thinking.

This is​ definitely a​ website for​ any person with a​ desire to​ improve his or​ her parenting or​ career performance, or​ looking for​ expert support and​ advice.

They describe themselves in​ short as​ "a website that offers the​ largest and​ most diversified, digital wholesale products on the​ net, for​ the​ sole benefit, comfort and​ pleasure of​ all family members. You can get expert self-study career development products, which can jump-start your success in​ life in​ no time. Get the​ essentials in​ career development for​ fast results on the​ corporate success ladder, in​ your entrepreneurial life and​ in​ your life as​ a​ parent".

Surely with four gigabytes of​ product downloads available to​ members, ranging from career, child and​ parenting development products to​ recipe e-books, niche products, resale rights products, private label rights products and​ software, a​ step-up is​ just around the​ corner. for​ instance, it​ is​ rare to​ find a​ website, with numerous products for​ development of​ child talents, as​ well as​ a​ huge arsenal of​ over 300 private label rights e-books, covering a​ variety of​ interesting and​ needful subjects. They also offer easily understandable paying methods, sporting very reasonable rates.

In addition to​ the​ vast variety of​ software products, they also offer five affiliate programs, which can make you money right away. What is​ more of​ a​ sensation is​ that all these products of​ more than 1000, including the​ affiliate programs, can be yours, as​ you can become the​ owner of​ it​ with your membership. Once you have become a​ member, you can create many more affiliate program packages of​ your own.

The International Business Opportunities Membership Club's website truly offers "self-improvement in​ a​ fun and​ enjoyable way".

If you are looking for​ a​ fresh way in​ which to​ improve your lifestyle, future and​ career, you will find everything you may need at​ their website. They have several informative article directories on subjects such as​ self-improvement, self-development, education and​ private label rights.

If you want to​ improve your child's development, improve your own online or​ offline career, start or​ expand a​ online or​ offline business, improve your parenthood skills or​ your child's talents, get more products to​ sell online, improve a​ relationship, understand human behaviour better, protect your family better, climb the​ corporate ladder faster or​ make internet money without a​ web site and​ without your own products, this is​ the​ site to​ visit.

Even if​ you only subscribe to​ their quarterly magazine, you get access to​ more than four hundred products, of​ which one is​ a​ bundle with funny, bizarre, sensational, magnificent, breathtaking, exotic and​ royalty free photos and​ videos, to​ stir up a​ stampede of​ visitors, from social bookmarking sites, to​ your website.

Here is​ a​ little secret revealed to​ me by one of​ the​ co-founders:

"We are planning to​ announce a​ special bonus coming up for​ all our members.

We have gone through all the​ high-end courses from Gurus such ad Derek Gehl, Mike Filsaime, Carlos Garcia and​ Jodi Hans. They all have a​ different approach to​ their success and​ what they teach others about internet success.

We are busy compiling a​ special report, wherein the​ best of​ each of​ these Gurus will be combined into one super guide, which sure as​ daylight will create a​ absolute sensation on the​ net.

All of​ these guys have made millions on the​ net and​ we are going to​ spill their beans from what we have learned from each of​ them. These courses are priced above $1400.00 each.

The good news is​ that each member will get a​ copy of​ this sensational report for​ free, as​ part of​ membership benefits.

The bad news for​ some is​ that other people outside the​ ring of​ membership, will have to​ buy this product at​ a​ price of​ $297.00 and​ only our valued members will get the​ chance to​ resell this special guide as​ affiliates, for​ a​ whopping profit of​ 50%".

The central theme of​ this website is​ to​ show you how to​ transform any person or​ group into high performance. All the​ other products are just bonuses. This golden thread of​ the​ core benefits provided by this site, is​ tagged for​ you, with a​ small golden goblet, throughout all the​ pages.

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