Seize The Opportunity And Master Your Life

Seize The Opportunity And Master Your Life

Your life is​ essentially a​ movie. You’ve got lead characters, a​ supporting cast, dramatic events, and quite a​ few twists in​ the plot.

It’s obvious you are the main character in​ your life movie. Just as​ important though, is​ you’re the director. The director can either make the movie - or​ break it. Why? Because a​ director’s job is​ to​ edit, review, and revise.

Sadly, many people have hired everyone else but themselves for the role. These people often end up a​ “victim of​ life.” However, it’s never too late to​ fire that guy and hire yourself!

As the director, you get the exciting opportunity to​ keep the things in​ your life you love, and change the things you’re not so happy about. You get to​ add a​ little comedy, action, romance, adventure – whatever it​ takes to​ make a​ life-movie you’re proud of.

Let’s Talk Salary

Congratulations! You have just offered yourself the position of​ directing your life – and accepted it!

It’s no wonder big-time, Hollywood directors make anywhere between $3,000,000 and $250,000,000 per movie! Yes, you read right - 3 to​ 250 million dollars. All that for a​ two hour movie.

Now let’s apply that to​ you. as​ the director of​ your life (because it’s a​ non-stop job), you will have directed 4380 2-hour movies. Just for fun, let’s say you get paid a​ mere 2 million per movie. Your annual income would be $8,760,000,000,000!

OK, now let’s be serious. if​ you’re making a​ quality movie - one that you’re proud of​ and audiences will love - don’t you deserve to​ be paid for it? After all, if​ every movie of​ your life is​ filled with great things, not only do you improve your life, but your family’s and those around you. You are truly making the world a​ better place.

Who’s Going to​ Pay Me?

The realist in​ you is​ screaming this question at​ the top of​ its lungs. The answer: YOU. How? By investing in​ yourself. in​ your life movie, if​ it’s your financial situation you’re not satisfied with, start by finding another stream of​ income - preferably one that generates income 24 hours a​ day. if​ it’s your health, make a​ change in​ your diet or​ exercise routine. or​ maybe you don’t feel there’s enough time for you in​ your day. as​ the director, you get the authority to​ add some “you-time” in​ your schedule.

The common thread here is​ to​ try something new. You’re going to​ keep getting what you’ve always gotten if​ you keep doing what you’ve always done. You’re in​ charge!

And... Action!

Seize The Opportunity And Master Your Life

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