Seek Opportunities In Everything That Comes Your Way

Seek Opportunities In Everything That Comes Your Way

Q. What happens when we focus on the negative side of​ life instead of​ the positive? We miss out on seeing the breadth of​ opportunities that would otherwise enable us to​ develop and strengthen our lives.

The result? We end up journeying on a​ downward spiral, feeling that no matter what we do, we simply won’t win. The solution? to​ start seeing everything in​ our life as​ an​ opportunity for growth; every encounter, every incident, and even every challenge.

Q. Are You?

- Constantly Focusing On The Negative Side of​ Life?
- Feeling The World’s Against You?
- Fed Up of​ This Constant Battle?

Begin making the transformation today!

Q. What’s in​ it​ For You?

- Discover Everything in​ Your Life is​ an​ Opportunity For Growth
- Learn How Challenges Are The Proving Ground For Future Success
- Realise Every Encounter You Have Has Something From Which You Can Learn

By adopting the habit of​ seeing only the negative side of​ life, we risk standing still in​ our lives, or​ even going backwards. We also find ourselves becoming increasingly resistant to​ change. in​ a​ strange way, this leads us toward attracting more of​ the same just so we can feed our ego with another dose of​ “I knew it​ wouldn’t work,” or​ “I told you the world’s against me,” or​ “What else can go wrong?” in​ short, our life becomes a​ self-fulfilling prophecy of​ condemnation. The way to​ defeat this is​ to​ seek out the opportunities and lessons, and to​ act on them accordingly.

How do we achieve this? Simple – we ask ourselves questions like, “What can I learn from this situation?” “What will I achieve by overcoming this?” and “What do I need to​ do differently next time?” By adopting this more positive outlook, we naturally seek ways to​ learn and move forward. in​ turn, we discover how the world isn’t against us; it’s merely the way we perceive it. Result - we’re the ones back in​ the driving seat, and subsequently we’re the ones determining to​ take out the positives and use them constructively in​ our lives.

INQUIRY: Take a​ look back at​ some recent encounters, incidents and challenges that you chose not to​ see as​ opportunities. What could you have learned on each occasion? What opportunities were there for the taking? What will you do differently next time?

ACTION: For the next thirty days, put these determinations into action. Using this same mindset apply it​ in​ other areas of​ your life too. Over time, this will become second nature, and you’ll start seeking opportunities in​ everything you do. if​ things don’t work out at​ first, do not be disheartened. Instead, review what you’ve learned and re-determine again.

I wish you every success as​ you Seek Opportunities in​ Everything That Comes Your Way ...

Best Wishes


"Too many people are thinking of​ security instead of​ opportunity; they seem more afraid of​ life than of​ death." James F. Bymes

Seek Opportunities In Everything That Comes Your Way

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