Security Camera Dvr Finding The Type That Suits You

Security Camera Dvr Finding The Type That Suits You

Security Camera DVR: Finding the​ Type That Suits You
Not all security camera Digital Video Recorders, or​ DVRs, are created equal .​
Remember this as​ you look for​ security camera DVRs for​ your business .​
There are great DVRs, good DVRs, and​ DVRs so terrible you cannot tell what you're looking at.
DVR stands for​ Digital Video Recorder .​
It is​ faster and​ easier to​ manage than non-digital and​ analog systems .​
Moreover, it​ provides instant access to​ recorded or​ live video .​
You need not worry about storage, too, because the​ bulk of​ video that can be stored on a​ single disc tremendously outweighs that stored on tape .​
In fact, a​ single disc is​ the​ equivalent of​ over 30 VCR tapes .​
What this means is​ that you get to​ economize on space use and​ costs .​
The bigger your office space and​ thus, the​ more cameras you use, the​ more you will be able to​ appreciate the​ money DVRs can save you.
There are two main types of​ security camera DVRs, pc-based and​ stand-alone.
PC-based Security Camera DVR with Video Capture Board
A PC-based DVR is​ a​ digital video recorder built like a​ computer .​
It may consist of​ two things: a​ tower mount or​ a​ rack mount .​
Inside it, you will find a​ mother board, network card, video card, CPU, hard drive, and​ memory .​
The DVR video card and​ the​ DVR software give users remote access .​
The DVR capture board receives video directly from security cameras .​
The DVR software, in​ turn, works in​ conjunction with the​ DVR board to​ first, change captured video images into a​ manageable and​ recognizable format and​ second, to​ provide camera controls, as​ well as​ record and​ playback functions.
Stand-alone Security Camera DVR
A stand-alone security camera DVR is​ an​ all-in-one unit .​
All components of​ a​ stand-alone security camera DVR are built on one complete circuit board .​
Its appearance is​ very similar to​ that of​ a​ VCR or​ DVD player .​
Stand-alone security camera DVRs are highly reliable and​ are very easy to​ use and​ install.
The Difference
A stand-alone security camera DVR is​ very reliable and​ user-friendly, mostly because it​ is​ built on only one circuit board .​
One need not worry about system crashes or​ software conflicts because all the​ hardware and​ software are embedded on one board .​
a​ PC-based security camera DVR, on the​ other hand, offer more advances features and​ are better suited for​ upgrades and​ systems expansions .​
They have bigger CPUs and​ memory, and​ you can easily add burners and​ hard drives.
Stand-alone Versus PC-based
Most heavy and​ large-scale users, such as​ banks and​ airports, opt for​ PC-based models .​
Just because they do, however, doesn't mean you should join in​ the​ bandwagon and​ purchase the​ same for​ your office or​ factory .​
In truth, you should base your choice of​ security camera DVR on your surveillance needs .​
If your company's camera network is​ comparatively small and​ does not require much use of​ sophisticated controls, then a​ stand-alone security camera DVR should suffice .​
If, on the​ other hand, your surveillance needs require the​ use of​ sophisticated controls or​ if​ you are planning to​ expand your company's surveillance system in​ the​ future, then the​ wisest choice would be a​ PC-based model.
Here's another way of​ looking at​ it .​
If reliability and​ stability are what matters most to​ you, then buy a​ stand-alone security camera DVR .​
If advanced viewing, playback and​ video file saving over the​ Internet mean more to​ you, then go for​ a​ PC-based security camera DVR.
Ultimately, what would matter the​ most is​ not the​ type of​ security camera DVR you purchased but how it​ protects your business.

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