Secrets To A Comfortable Nights Sleep During A Cold Camping Trip

Secrets To A Comfortable Nights Sleep During A Cold Camping Trip

There are those who prefer to​ camp during summer when they can bask on the warmth of​ the sun, get a​ tan and take refreshing dips in​ the nearby lake. On the other hand, there are those who are into the adventure and cool breeze that winter brings and opt to​ go camping during cold weather. While both are fun and exciting, the downside to​ the latter option is​ the difficulty of​ getting a​ good night’s sleep.

Before, camping trips done in​ the middle of​ cold or​ in​ winter used to​ mean uncomfortable and chilly sleepless nights. But not anymore. Fortunately, there are ways you can do to​ ensure that you get yourself a​ comfortable and warm sleep that will rejuvenate and recharge you for the next day’s activities.

First secret in​ acquiring a​ good night sleep is​ to​ invest on a​ comfortable sleeping bag that is​ made of​ fabrics designed to​ provide warmth and insulation. Coleman’s line of​ sleeping bags for example features the ComfortSmart™ technology, which provides thermal efficiency.

Second secret is​ to​ wear thick layers of​ clothing. if​ it’s too cold and you think you can use even more heat, put on jackets, shirts, and jogging pants that will provide you with the comfort and warmth you need to​ drift off to​ a​ peaceful sleep. it​ would also help if​ you have someone to​ snuggle with since skin to​ skin contact is​ often a​ good source of​ heat. if​ not, you can always have a​ snuggly pillow to​ hug on to.

Third secret is​ to​ purchase a​ reliable and safe indoor heater that you can use inside your tent. a​ catalytic heater like the Coleman ProCat™ Portable Catalytic Heater can provide you with flameless warmth that can make sleeping in​ the coldest type of​ weather cozy and relaxing. Just be sure you follow the safety guidelines of​ using this heater like providing sufficient ventilation and keeping the heater at​ least two feet away from any thing.

Fourth secret is​ to​ bring along a​ tent that is​ made of​ durable fabric and tent poles that are strong enough to​ provide protection against rain, wind and snow. There is​ nothing worse than a​ tent toppled over or​ blown away, leaving you exposed and vulnerable to​ the cold.

Fifth secret to​ lull yourself to​ dreamland is​ to​ play classic lullabies or​ serene songs in​ your mp3 player or​ Discman or​ to​ read some books. Soft melodies and tunes are useful in​ calming you and enabling you to​ rest your mind while reading can also make you sleepy. That’s why it​ would be a​ good idea to​ pack a​ couple of​ CDs or​ paperback pocket books for your listening and reading pleasure. And surely at​ once, you’ll be sleeping like a​ baby.

Sixth secret is​ a​ drink of​ hot chocolate or​ milk before sleeping. This will also likely remind you of​ your youth and the good old days when mommy or​ daddy used to​ bring you a​ hot drink to​ make sleeping easier.

With these simple guidelines you can follow, sleeping in​ cold weather need not be an​ impossible feat. Just equip yourself with the right camping gears and you’re off to​ dreamland in​ no time.

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