Secrets Of Microsoft New File System Revealed By Data Recovery Engineer

Secrets of​ Microsoft new file system revealed by Data Recovery Engineer
Hi friends, let’s talk this time about the​ new concept in​ file manager that will be introduced by Microsoft in​ its new Operating system Windows Vista .​
The name of​ this new file administration is​ WinFS.
WinFS is​ a​ new file system that it’s being developed by Microsoft to​ be used in​ its new operating system Windows Vista .​
At the​ begining this name means Windows Future Storage, but now is​ only Windows File System .​
Acctually, there is​ no clear information about what WinFS is​ .​
Some people say that is​ a​ complete new file system and​ others say that WinFS is​ only an​ extension of​ the​ actual system because many of​ the​ file system work is​ done by NTFS.
With the​ evolution of​ Internet and​ the​ information technologies, working with big volumes of​ information has increasingly become more common .​
Hard disks represent the​ first half of​ the​ storage for​ personal information .​
They are commonly used to​ store personal contacts, work documents, etc .​
These information items usually keep certain relationship levels among them .​
So, when you work with a​ large number of​ these items, it​ is​ very important to​ organize them and​ provide a​ flexible search mechanism based on their properties and​ content.
WinFS is​ a​ storage platform to​ organize, search and​ share a​ wide diversity of​ information.
Instead of​ a​ traditional tree in​ NTFS to​ organize information, WinFS uses a​ direct acyclic graph of​ items (DAG) .​
It is​ a​ set of​ stored items and​ their relationships whose physical storage is​ a​ relational database providing support to​ store any item hierarchy .​
Now it​ is​ possible to​ find items according to​ the​ value of​ their properties and​ even to​ the​ value of​ the​ properties of​ items related to​ them.The data-sharing capacities of​ WinFS come with a​ set of​ services such us synchronization, notification, a​ unified store and​ a​ common security model .​
The integration of​ these services to​ other technologies like Active Directory makes it​ possible for​ applications to​ share data in​ a​ flexible way.
WinFS data model expresses a​ set of​ modern storage concepts featuring a​ combination of​ the​ file system services and​ the​ relational system to​ provide a​ new powerful and​ enhancing storage platform .​
This actually elevates the​ file system conception to​ a​ higher level .​
The WinFS Item may be expressed in​ XML, object-oriented or​ tabular manner which allows the​ WinFS functionalities to​ be used in​ a​ variety of​ heterogeneous environments .​
In addition to​ this, WinFS features a​ powerful API to​ develop applications that use its potentialities .​
Due to​ its conception WinFS data model represents a​ step forward in​ the​ evolution of​ file systems and​ even of​ storage platforms.

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