Secrets Of Getting Free Advertising

Secrets Of Getting Free Advertising

The opportunities for​ getting free advertising for​ your product
or services are limited only by your own imagination and
energies .​
There are so many proven ways of​ promoting your
objectives without cost that it​ literally boggles the​ mind just
to think of​ listing them.
One way is​ to​ write an​ article relative to​ your particular
expertise and​ submit it​ to​ all the​ publications and​ media dealing
in the​ dissemination of​ related information .​
In other words,
become your own publicity and​ sales promotions writer .​
Get the
word out; establish yourself as​ an​ expert in​ your field, and
tag-along everything you write with a​ quick note listing your
address for​ a​ catalog, dealership opportunity, or​ more
Another really good way is​ by becoming a​ guest on as​ many of​ the
radio and​ television talk shows or​ interview type programs as
possible .​
Actually, this is​ much easier to​ bring about than most
people realize .​
Write a​ letter to​ the​ producer of​ these programs,
then follow up an​ in-person visit or​ telephone call .​
Your initial
contact should emphasize that your product or​ service would be of
interest to​ the​ listeners or​ viewers of​ the​ program--perhaps even
saving them time and​ money.
Other ways of​ getting free or​ very inexpensive exposure include
the posting of​ advertising circulars on all free bulletin boards
in your area, especially the​ coin-operated laundries, grocery
stores, and​ beauty and​ barber shops .​
Don't discount the​ idea of
handing out circulars to​ all the​ shoppers in​ busy shopping
centers and​ malls, especially on weekend .​
You can also enlist the
aid of​ the​ middle school students in​ your area to​ had out
circulars door-to-door.
Some of​ the​ more routine methods include having a​ promotional ad
relative to​ your product or​ service printed on the​ front or​ back
of your envelopes at​ the​ time you have them printed with your
return address.
Be sure to​ check all the​ publications that carry the​ kind of
advertising you need .​
Many mail order publications just getting
started offer unusually low rates to​ first-time advertisers; a
free-of-charge insertion of​ your ad when you pay for​ an​ order to
run three issues or​ more; or​ special seasonal ad space at​ greatly
reduced rates .​
And there are a​ number of​ publications that will
give you Per Inquiry (PI) space--arrangement where all orders
come in​ to​ the​ publication, they take a​ commission from each
order, and​ then forward the​ orders on to​ you for​ fulfillment.
Many publications will give you a​ contract for​ space .​
In this
arrangement you send them your ad, and​ they hold it​ until they
have unsold space, and​ then at​ a​ price that's always one third or
less the​ regular price for​ the​ space need, insert your ad .​
these lines, be sure to​ check in​ with the​ suburban neighborhood
If you send out or​ publish any kind of​ catalog or​ ad sheet, get
in touch will all the​ other publishers and​ inquire about the
possibilities of​ exchange advertising .​
They run your ad in​ their
publication in​ exchange for​ your running an​ ad for​ them of
comparable size in​ yours.
Finally, there's nothing in​ the​ world that beats the​ low cost and
tremendous exposure you get when you advertise a​ free offer.
Simply run an​ ad offering a​ free report of​ interest to​ most
people--- a​ simple one page report with a​ tag-line inviting the
readers to​ send money for​ more information, with a​ full page
advertisement for​ your book or​ other product on the​ backside .​
for a​ self-addressed stamped envelope, and​ depending on the
appeal for​ your report and​ circulation of​ the​ publication in
which your ad appears, you could easily be inundated with
The trick here, of​ course, is​ to​ convert all these responses, or
a large percentage of​ them, into sales .​
This is​ done via the
tag-line, which issues an​ invitation to​ the​ reader to​ send for
more information, and​ the​ full page ad on the​ back of​ the​ report,
and other offers you include with the​ complete package you send
back to​ them .​
As mentioned at​ the​ beginning of​ this report, it's
just a​ matter of​ unleashing your imagination .​
Do that, and​ you
have a​ powerful force working for​ you that can help you reach
your goals .​

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