Secretaries Selecting Magazines

Many secretaries assume several responsibilities when they accept a​ position of​ employment at​ a​ company. Some have no problem with greeting visitors or​ ensuring that the​ mail meter has enough postage on it​ for​ any given business day. Many companies have included secretaries selecting magazines for​ the​ front lobby in​ the​ job description and​ some of​ these secretaries take their responsibilities very seriously.

The secretaries selecting magazines will never think to​ ask their boss about what kind of​ magazines to​ furnish. They will naturally select magazines that are pleasing and​ ones that will provide enjoyable reading for​ clients as​ they wait for​ their appointment time to​ roll around. Many clients come early when the​ word spreads that there is​ a​ good selection of​ reading material in​ the​ lobby.

As the​ crowd begins to​ waver in​ the​ middle of​ the​ month, the​ secretaries selecting magazines will pause and​ look through the​ internet sites for​ coupon offers and​ other discounts on other magazine choices on certain websites. They might even walk into the​ lobby and​ thumb through a​ few back issues to​ obtain the​ coupon codes for​ a​ certain magazine.

If people begin to​ take magazines home with them at​ the​ end of​ the​ day, the​ secretaries selecting magazines will have no other choice but to​ remove them early in​ the​ afternoon and​ know very well that they must be returned to​ the​ lobby on the​ following morning. it​ seems that the​ responsibilities for​ secretaries selecting magazines can be a​ vigilant task at​ times, and​ one that could lead to​ hard feelings if​ the​ office staff does not understand why their precious magazines disappear every afternoon.

The secretaries selecting magazines really do have the​ company's best interest at​ heart. the​ secretary will remove old issue each month and​ have a​ new assortment of​ magazines to​ replace them. They will try in​ earnest to​ replace the​ magazines with titles that other people might find especially appealing. Office gossip might lend a​ hand in​ letting the​ secretary know that the​ boss is​ an​ avid golfer, and​ soon everyone can start enjoying delightful issues of​ Golf Digest.

The secretary might even try placing a​ few sports accents in​ the​ lobby on the​ months where the​ secretaries selecting magazines pick magazines for​ football, baseball or​ the​ well-received Sports Illustrated issue that every man in​ the​ office must glance through every time they start to​ walk in​ or​ out of​ the​ front door. When the​ swimsuit issue is​ in​ the​ lobby, the​ secretaries selecting magazines know very well that they will have to​ anchor that issue down, because it​ disappears every year and​ is​ never returned to​ the​ lobby.

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