Secret Shopping

Secret Shopping

Secret Shopping – a​ “Mystery Shopper” or​ “Secret Shopper” is​ someone who is​ hired by an​ establishment to​ pose as​ a​ customer and​ report back to​ the​ owner how the​ service was, or​ other details (FACTS) that are requested prior to​ the​ shop. Then person (‘Mystery Shopper’) is​ then paid well for​ the​ assignment and​ gets reimbursed for​ their purchase, meal, or​ other goods or​ merchandise. Some companies pay as​ much as​ $60 per hour or​ assignment and​ more for​ the​ Mystery Shop evaluation. and​ most shops the​ “Secret Shopper” keeps the​ goods and​ eats ‘’FREE” at​ the​ restaurants, absolutely “FREE” of​ charge!

Why would an​ establishment or​ business pay for​ such a​ service? Great? it​ is​ because as​ a​ “Mystery Shopper” you provide fair, unbiased “FACTS”, regarding the​ shop, such as​ customer service, the​ purchase process (transaction), greetings as​ a​ customer, how fast did it​ take to​ fill the​ order, and​ how knowledgeable was the​ waiter or​ waitress? This is​ only to​ name a​ few question. and​ it​ also depends on the​ shop – meaning what kind of​ business it​ is. the​ compensation also depends and​ the​ detail as​ well concerning the​ pay for​ the​ “Mystery Shop.”

The whole objective with the​ “Secret Shopping” is​ to​ improve these services to​ satisfy potential (new ones) and​ repeat customer. the​ bottom line is​ this – increased revenue or​ sales for​ the​ business or​ establishment and​ “Happy Satisfied Customers.”

The companies understand the​ small investment in​ “Mystery Shoppers” and​ will result in​ long term financial benefits for​ the​ business. the​ “Quality” they can provide = much success and​ “Genuinely” Happy Satisfied Customers.

the​ “TOP” “Mystery Shopping” source on the​ internet for​ “MYSTERY SHOPPING.” the​ data base and​ our reviews of​ the​ network are “TOPS”. There are over 1,000 businesses that offer this “Secret Shopper” experience and​ many more companies and​ businesses are offering the​ “Secret Mystery Shopping” assignments “Secret Shopping Jobs” throughout the​ USA, Canada, UK, Locally, and​ other countries internationally.

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