Second Eden Review

Second Eden Review

Carlton Austin has crafted a​ wonderful piece of​ work in​ Second Eden - an​ action-packed suspense thriller with a​ little romance and some elements of​ science fiction. Its beautifully designed cover incorporates gorgeous images depicting scenes within the plot and the book is​ available in​ both hard and soft cover. I recommend the hard cover, folks. This book is​ sure to​ be one that you keep among your favorite authors on your bookshelves. Second Eden is​ destined for a​ talented director to​ take big screen fans on its roller-coaster ride.

Best of​ friends, Peter (an intelligence agent) and Bo (an astronaut), have a​ bond that even Peter’s affair with Bo’s wife could not break. Bo and some other scientists perish in​ a​ mysterious fire just after completing an​ assignment. The government cover-up pushes Peter to​ find out what really happened and he becomes torn between patriotism and humanitarianism. He never loved a​ woman until he met Molly – but can he trust her? in​ fact, he wonders if​ he can trust anyone at​ all.

This is​ definitely an​ intelligent read; the author incorporates incredible alien artifacts, mysteries, murders, government espionage and complex cover-ups, cat and mouse chase scenes, archeological finds and ancient societies, deceit and a​ love story that transcends this life into the next.

Second Eden certainly has a​ plot that will make its readers think deeply about our world. Carlton shows us the dangers of​ where our science could lead. His story teaches that there are repercussions for every single choice that we make - both as​ individuals and as​ a​ society. He brings up social issues, like reminding us of​ the importance of​ recognizing the value of​ women who choose to​ be mothers – as​ a​ career, rather than as​ a​ side project. He even includes enlightening views of​ what might happen to​ a​ soul when the body can no longer serve it.

I really cannot say enough about Carlton’s novel. Truly, I could barely put it​ down to​ go to​ work or​ prepare meals! Second Eden will remain on my bookshelf for years to​ come and will, no doubt, be read many times by my family.

ISBN#: 0595316530 – soft cover 0595663567 – hard cover
Publisher: iuniverse, Inc.
Author: Carlton Austin

Second Eden Review

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