Searching For Discount Flights To Murcia Spain

Searching For Discount Flights To Murcia Spain

Murcia San Javier Airport is​ located about 17 km south of​ the city. The airport has gotten much busier in​ recent years, which has made finding Murcia flights much easier. The airport is​ both a​ civilian airport and military air base. The runways can handle planes up to​ the size of​ a​ Boeing 757 or​ 767.

The Murcia Airport has become popular in​ recent years among people travelling to​ the southern areas of​ the Costa Blanca, as​ well as​ the city of​ Murcia. Tourists travelling to​ Torrevieja also use this airport as​ it​ is​ closer to​ the city than the larger airports in​ the region.

This airport is​ the main point of​ entry for visitors of​ the Costa Calida region. From here, there are major train services all over the country, including the La Manga region. Train services are convenient from here to​ Madrid as​ well.

Discount Murcia Flights

A few years ago, the European Union deregulated flight fares. This allowed the airlines to​ set their own rates. as​ a​ result, several low cost carriers began to​ start up in​ the area. This was first seen in​ the larger airports, but has spread to​ smaller ones, such as​ Murcia. The benefit for the traveller is​ more choices and lower fares to​ most destinations.

There are more discount flights available within Europe than from North America to​ Murcia. There are some available, but you have to​ search for them. Many of​ these airlines don’t show up on major travel websites. You may have to​ spend hours researching and finding airlines. Then you will have to​ find the fares and compare companies on your own.

This will be quite a​ bit more work, but may be worth your time as​ you will save money. Most of​ these airlines do not have direct flights from North America to​ Murcia. You will need to​ make at​ least one or​ more connections. Pay attention to​ this when reserving your flight. Be sure to​ leave sufficient time to​ make connections at​ each airport.

Saving Money on Murcia Flights

Discount airlines are less expensive, but don’t have as​ many of​ the conveniences you will find with larger carriers. When you make a​ connection, your baggage won’t be checked through to​ your destination as​ with larger carriers. You will need to​ pick up your bags and check them in​ again for each part of​ the journey. Be sure to​ allow extra time for this.

Many of​ these airlines don’t issue paper tickets. This saves money and the savings are passed on to​ you. Many do online reservations and electronic tickets. This is​ typical of​ discount airlines and shouldn’t be a​ problem.

Don’t expect to​ get fed on the plane. Most save money by not offering food service. You will be lucky to​ get a​ bag of​ snack mix. in​ some cases, you will have to​ pay for a​ soda on the airplane. Pack bottled water and a​ few snacks in​ your carry on bag for the trip.

Consider the time you fly in​ your attempt to​ save money. Often, flights leaving in​ the very early morning are less expensive than later in​ the day. The day of​ the week can often make a​ difference as​ well. Flying mid week is​ less expensive than flying on the weekend. Compare prices for time of​ day and day of​ week to​ save the most on your flight.

Use a​ credit card when you reserve your flight. This will make getting a​ refund easier if​ you experience a​ problem with a​ flight being cancelled. Always give an​ address both at​ home and in​ Murcia for the airline. Put both addresses on your luggage in​ the event it​ gets lost.

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