Search Engines And Web Directories

Search Engines And Web Directories

After you have built a​ website and​ optimized it​ by tuning its meta tags to​ the​ best, it​ is​ the​ time to​ get it​ submitted to​ major search engines and​ directories. So, that your site gets indexed by the​ search engines and​ the​ directories. There are lot of​ confusions in​ submission to​ search engines and​ web directories. Here, I would try to​ clear this confusion. a​ close study of​ search engines and​ web directory will sure help to​ solve this confusion.

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When you submit your website to​ a​ search engine, it​ reads your site meta tags, looks their relationship with the​ contents, indexes you website and​ assigns a​ rank to​ your site according to​ the​ algorithm it​ follows. Here, you should understand that by submitting your site to​ a​ search engine does not mean that you will start getting high traffics just after its submission. This simply means that now the​ search engine knows about your site and​ its pages and​ would place you in​ its SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) according to​ your rank in​ its index.

You must have read very often about the​ offers for​ submitting your site to​ thousands of​ search engines for​ a​ fee, no matter small or​ big. No doubt that there are really thousand of​ search engines on the​ web but most searches are routed through a​ few major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, alltheweb etc. if​ you submit to​ these search engines alone, it​ is​ really enough to​ get noticed in​ the​ search engine world. I am giving their site submission URLs and​ little info about their strategies.

They ask you to​ submit your top level page and​ have pretty easy to​ understand instructions for​ submission. Google updates its index normally once a​ month.

They have two options free and​ paid. Free listing takes about 30 to​ 45 days. However paid listing assures a​ quick listing of​ your site.

MSN in​ routine picks new websites having good inbound links. So if​ you have good inbound links, your site will be picked for​ listing in​ MSN even if​ you don't submit your site to​ them.


You can not submit to​ AOL directly but if​ your site is​ indexed by Google, AOL will most likely include your site in​ its index too.

Web Directories

Web directories are different with respect to​ search engines. a​ search engine uses its algorithm to​ index and​ rank a​ website through its regular crawling process whereas a​ web directory is​ defined into several categories and​ subcategories where it​ contains the​ websites submitted. in​ this way a​ web directory is​ considered an​ expert index of​ sites. Here you select a​ category and​ subcategory for​ your site and​ submit your site to​ it. Visitors come to​ brows a​ specific category in​ a​ directory as​ per their interest. This ensures that your presence in​ a​ specific category will attract a​ targeted visitor. Most of​ the​ search engines use these directories to​ update their data. This also increases your chance of​ getting high rank with search engines.

These directories can be classified into free directories and​ paid directories. Normally, free directories take comparatively more time to​ list the​ submitted sites. Whereas the​ paid directories list the​ submitted sites instantly. Some good free directories are DMOZ, Yahoo!, World Wide Index, AbiLogic, Gimpsy, JoeAnt. However, good paid directories can be named as​ Arielis, BOTW, BlueFind, Microsoft bCentral, and​ GoGuides.

Before submitting your site review your site thoroughly and​ make sure that your site has no broken or​ dead links. Write a​ suitable description of​ your site to​ put into the​ description field of​ submission form. Search thoroughly the​ categories and​ subcategories before selecting the​ category for​ your site. They normally offer you to​ suggest one if​ you don't find a​ suitable one.

No doubt, submitting your site to​ major search engines and​ good rank directories help increasing the​ traffic and​ good placement in​ SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Submission to​ good directories is​ something which ensures this goal.

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