Search Engine Optimization SEO Secrets

Focus on​ Few Keywords Per Page

Don’t try to​ rank every page for every possible keyword. Instead optimize each page for one keyword or​ keyword phrase.

Practical Example: the​ San Diego print shop website we have discussed above should rank for several keywords. it​ is​ impossible to​ achieve high ranking for one page for many keywords. Instead your goal is​ to​ achieve optimal ranking for several pages for several keywords. For example,​ your homepage should be optimized for “san diego printer. Subsequent pages could be optimized for the​ suburbs of​ San Diego such as​ “la jolla printer,​ and “ocean beach printer,​ and so on. it​ is​ more realistic to​ attain good ranking for one keyword per page than it​ is​ for many.

Submit to​ Search Engines

Once your website has been properly optimized submit your homepage web address to​ search engines such as​ Google,​ Yahoo,​ MSN,​ and the​ like. Search engine submission is​ less effective today than in​ the​ past,​ but it​ is​ not going to​ hurt your chances of​ getting indexed. Once you​ submit your site,​ expect a​ visit from the​ search spiders.

Note: Search spiders,​ aka web crawlers,​ or​ web robots,​ are scripts that visit web pages providing search engines intelligence. Based on​ the​ intelligence gained search engines index and rank websites.

Be Patient – Continue to​ Optimize

Search engine optimization takes time. if​ you​ expect overnight results you​ will be deeply disappointed. Quick results,​ especially for new sites,​ are not the​ norm. Even if​ you​ do everything right,​ it​ may take you​ several months to​ get any traffic from search engines.

A visit from the​ search engine spiders doesn’t mean that your site has a​ good ranking. All it​ means is​ that you​ site was noticed. it​ will take months for the​ search engine to​ build trust and refer significant traffic. the​ key is​ to​ monitor what’s happening with your site. Don’t assume anything,​ view your log files and study patterns. Once you​ measure your site’s performance you​ gain intelligence that will help you​ make the​ right changes. Avoid making drastic changes. Fine-tune your site and monitor the​ results.

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