Search Engine Optimization SEO The Myth

Search Engine Optimization SEO The Myth

Search Engine Optimization. Big words. Sounds Important. What is​ it? if​ you​ do a​ search in​ google for the​ web definition of​ search engine optimization,​ you​ get a​ lot of​ different results.

Some simply say that search engine optimization is​ the​ generic term for making sure your site is​ optimized to​ appear as​ one of​ the​ top ranking web sites on​ a​ search.

Others get more detailed with their definition and say search engine optimization is​ the​ term used to​ describe the​ marketing technique of​ preparing a​ web site to​ enhance its chances of​ being ranked in​ the​ top results of​ a​ search engine once a​ relevant search is​ undertaken.

A number of​ factors are important when optimizing a​ web site,​ including the​ content and structure of​ the​ web site's copy and page layout,​ the​ HTML meta-tags and the​ submission process.

Is it​ important? That also depends on​ which definition you​ believe and who you​ ask that question to. if​ you​ ask someone who runs a​ business and charges for search engine optimization,​ they will tell you​ it​ is​ the​ most important thing you​ will ever do for your website.

At each SEO website,​ they will tell you​ they are the​ number 1 SEO company on​ the​ web,​ even though each of​ them has a​ completely different method of​ optimizing your website.

If you​ ask many self-appointed webmaster gurus in​ some of​ the​ webmaster forums,​ they will tell you​ the​ same thing,​ then each one will tell you​ a​ different way to​ do it​ and they will all disagree on​ the​ most important aspects of​ search engine optimization.

So the​ confusion continues for the​ average user and the​ SEO companies love it​ that way. if​ the​ consumer doesn’t understand what you​ are doing,​ you​ don’t really have to​ do very much and just say you​ are doing a​ lot. Most of​ them would never work on​ your website on​ a​ contingency payment plan,​ one based on​ actual results and performance. Some say money back guaranteed,​ but read the​ fine print.

A lot of​ these businesses are based on​ the​ fact that people who are new to​ the​ web and even some of​ those who have been online for awhile do not know what search engine optimization is. They know that with more and more people coming onto the​ web for the​ first time,​ their business is​ secure. They can continue to​ tell people that without their service the​ website will fail.

I’m not saying all search engine optimization companies are rip-offs. Some of​ them really do their best to​ get good rankings for their clients and know what they are doing. a​ lot of​ them still really believe that search engine optimization is​ the​ key to​ success on​ the​ web.

It isn’t. How’s that for a​ statement? I know a​ lot of​ web designers will disagree. I know a​ lot of​ SEO companies will disagree. But simply put,​ search engine optimization of​ your WebPages is​ not the​ most important thing you​ need to​ do to​ succeed on​ the​ web.

Let’s break down some of​ the​ things that are included in​ the​ phrase search engine optimization.

Metatags are one of​ the​ things these gurus tell you​ is​ important. Metatags are all but dead. Search engines,​ especially google,​ ignore metatags for the​ most part.

Having them in​ does not hurt you,​ but go do a​ search on​ any topic besides web design or​ search engine optimization,​ etc. and you’ll find that if​ the​ websites at​ the​ top of​ the​ search results have metatags at​ all,​ they usually only have the​ description and keywords metatags.

Well they also have the​ title tag,​ which is​ sometimes referred to​ as​ a​ metatag,​ but it​ is​ actually the​ only metatag you​ need to​ have.

Keyword Optimization is​ something the​ gurus will tell you​ is​ very important. Some will tell you​ they know the​ exact percentage of​ text that should be your keywords. Yes,​ keywords are very important. Do they know what percentage the​ search engines will want to​ read for the​ best results? No.

When writing copy for your website,​ you​ must be conscious of​ the​ keywords you​ wish to​ promote. Don’t pick too many keywords and try to​ optimize each page of​ your website for twenty different things. if​ you​ do,​ it​ will not be relevant for any of​ them. That isn’t guru talk,​ that’s just plain old fashioned common sense.

Remember that search engines crawl web pages,​ not web sites. if​ you​ choose just one or​ two keywords per webpage that you​ wish that page to​ be optimized for,​ then you​ can optimize the​ page easily and write text the​ user will want to​ actually read.

Write your sales text the​ way you​ would with only the​ user in​ mind and with making sales in​ mind. Then go back and reread the​ page.

Find places where you​ can add in​ your keyword without destroying the​ flow you​ created when you​ wrote the​ text in​ the​ first place.

Now,​ do you​ need to​ hire an​ SEO company to​ do that? Do you​ know your product? Do you​ know how to​ sell your product? Then you​ need to​ write the​ text. if​ you​ do not wish to​ write the​ text,​ then hire a​ writer. you​ still don’t need a​ search engine optimization guru.

Some search engine optimization experts will tell you​ they can increase your link popularity. They use a​ variety of​ methods. They create websites where they put all of​ their clients website links so you​ will have links to​ your website. the​ search engines call these link farms and discount any value they may have had in​ the​ past.

Those methods,​ along with many others,​ are simply tricks that temporarily work. Alot of​ search engine optimization companies all keep up with the​ latest tricks and shortcuts. They may even get you​ some good results in​ the​ short-term. But what happens when the​ search engines catch onto the​ trick?

I’m glad you​ asked. They stop letting that trick or​ shortcut work. They may even penalize the​ websites that used it. They penalize you,​ the​ customer,​ not the​ search engine optimization guru who used the​ trick and charged you​ for it.

Whenever one of​ these companies tells you​ it​ has “inside information”,​ “ex-search engine company employees”,​ “guaranteed search engine placement”,​ guaranteed top 10 placement”,​ or​ “secret methods”,​ a​ red flag should go up in​ your mind right away.

If you​ start a​ business offline,​ like a​ restaurant or​ a​ store,​ you​ know that besides the​ money you​ will have to​ put up,​ you​ will also have to​ work to​ make it​ a​ success. it​ is​ no different when you​ start a​ business online. you​ have to​ work at​ it,​ if​ you​ want to​ be successful.

If search engine optimization is​ not the​ most important thing you​ can do to​ become successful,​ what is? Again,​ I’m glad you​ asked.

Promotion. Do not depend solely on​ being found by the​ search engines. Search engines are fickle creatures and what is​ today’s #1 can be tomorrow’s #100 just because they decided to​ change the​ way they give relevance to​ websites. Continually chasing this dream is​ a​ total waste of​ time.

There are other sources of​ traffic out there. Would you​ rather have 1000 hits from a​ search engine for one of​ your minor keywords or​ have 100 hits from someone who read an​ article you​ wrote and came to​ your website because they liked what you​ had
to say?

If you​ chose the​ thousand hits,​ you​ don’t get it​ yet. Out of​ that 1000 hits you​ might convert 2 of​ them into sales. Out of​ the​ 100,​ you​ may get as​ many as​ 20-25 people who want to​ buy from you. Conversion rate is​ more important than how many hits you​ get to​ your website.

Write articles about your website,​ about your products,​ about relevant topics to​ your products or​ services you​ wish to​ sell. Distribute or​ submit those articles to​ article submission websites that provide free content to​ webmasters.

You may write one article like the​ one I am writing now and have 100 webmasters want to​ use it​ as​ content for their website. That would mean there is​ suddenly 100 other websites on​ topics related to​ your product that now contain a​ link to​ your website. (see the​ footer below contains links to​ my website and is​ to​ be included when this article is​ reprinted.)

That increases your link popularity without the​ need for a​ company to​ optimize you. Just by submitting your article to​ several article submission websites,​ you​ increase your link popularity,​ but when those webmasters start to​ republish your articles,​ you​ will see a​ huge increase in​ your page rank and the​ quality of​ your traffic.

Some people write one article per month and others write one or​ more per day. it​ depends on​ you. How fast do you​ want your website to​ grow?

How much time do you​ have to​ invest? if​ you​ are not good at​ writing articles or​ do not have the​ time,​ hire a​ writer to​ ghost-write them for you​ with your byline and your links in​
the footer.

So that we are clear. Search engine optimization is​ necessary,​ but by no means the​ most important thing you​ can do for your website to​ make it​ successful. I would not pay a​ lot of​ money for this service. Promoting your website is​ the​ most important thing you​ can do. Articles are just one of​ the​ methods you​ can use to​ promote your website.

Advertising,​ buying links on​ relevant websites,​ posting in​ forums and blogs with related topics,​ putting your link in​ your signature line,​ are some of​ the​ other ways you​ can promote your website.

My Checklist:

1. Be conscious of​ the​ keywords you​ wish to​ target with each webpage you​ build. Write your text for the​ reader,​ then go back and add your keywords without destroying the​ flow of​ your text.

2. Make sure the​ website is​ easy to​ navigate and user-friendly. Don’t assume the​ customer knows the​ web site as​ well as​ you​ do. Make it​ simple. Make it​ easy to​ find the​ buy button!

3. Once the​ website is​ built,​ quit worrying about the​ newest search engine trick or​ optimization technique as​ some like to​ call it.

4. Search for blogs and forums with related topics and sign up for them and participate in​ discussions with your link in​ your signature line.

5. Write articles about related topics and submit them everywhere or​ buy a​ service like that will do the​ submissions for you. if​ you​ cannot write the​ articles,​ hire someone to​ do it​ for you.

6. Don’t do link trades with websites that have less traffic than you​ do. Buy links on​ websites that have more traffic than you​ and are on​ a​ topic related to​ your products or​ services.

This article in​ no way claims to​ have listed all the​ ways you​ can use to​ promote your website. What I have done here is​ tried to​ explain to​ you​ what is​ or​ is​ not important to​ creating and maintaining a​ successful website. I hope this helps you.

Search Engine Optimization SEO The Myth

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