Search Engine Optimization SEO Boost Your Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization SEO Boost Your Website Traffic

Search engines bring more than 80 percent of​ the​ traffic for small to​ medium websites. This tells exactly how important it​ is​ for small and medium websites to​ optimize their web structure and pages for search engines. Optimization of​ your website for search engine includes many aspects: website content,​ keywords,​ URL,​ meta-tag,​ back links,​ etc. Let's explain it​ one by one.

Select the​ right keywords. you​ can pay a​ visit to​ your competitors' websites (only those with top-ranked search engine placements). Through analyzing their web contents and meta tags,​ you​ can easily find out the​ keywords they are using. Overture keywords selection tool can also provide you​ valuable information. Open your favorite browser,​ enter,​ type in​ the​ search box your keywords or​ phrases and see how many times they were searched last month. Select those with high search frequency. Google also has a​ similar keyword selection tool at​ you​ can have a​ try of​ both of​ them and balance the​ search results.

Target your web site content at​ selected keywords. After finalizing the​ keywords,​ you​ can now build up your web pages with them. But,​ be careful,​ don't overuse any keywords on​ your web pages. Overuse of​ keywords may make search engine spiders think you​ are spamming and get your website banned. How can I judge overuse or​ not? Go to​ to​ have a​ check of​ your keywords density,​ make sure it​ is​ within a​ reasonable range.

Make search engine friendly URLs. Although some of​ the​ search engines can follow all dynamic URLs,​ like,​ some of​ them still prefer static URLs ended with html,​ htm,​ etc. to​ make search engine friendly URLs,​ you​ can create real static pages,​ but you​ don't have to. the​ web server URL rewrite engine can make this job much easier by reinterpreting the​ URLs before getting actual pages. if​ you​ need more help or​ tips on​ how to​ implement URL rewrite model,​ follow the​ link and get a​ tutorial.

Get quality backward links to​ your page. Although keywords optimization of​ your web pages can improve significantly your search engine placement,​ it​ is​ still far from sufficient to​ get your pages top ranked. you​ have to​ get some quality backward links to​ your websites. you​ need at​ least 35 quality back links to​ make google going to​ your web site and take a​ look at​ you. you​ can get these quality links by submitting your site to​ high-ranked web site directories or​ by writing some quality articles and then submitting them to​ the​ high-ranked online article archives. Many other ways exist,​ but remember,​ only backward links from quality web sites count. Websites poorly indexed or​ with very low search engine ranking have no value to​ you.

Keep on​ improving your website. By keyword optimization,​ URL optimization and quality backward URLs,​ your website should have gotten remarkable search engine placement. However,​ the​ placement is​ not static,​ you​ competitors are optimizing their websites and trying to​ kick you​ out of​ your current position. to​ maintain a​ good search engine ranking,​ you​ have to​ keep on​ improving your website. Keep on​ optimizing your website navigation,​ content and structure. Keep on​ getting more quality links from top-rated sites.... the​ battle for top search engine positions will never end. Good luck,​ :-)

Search Engine Optimization SEO Boost Your Website Traffic

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