Search Engine Optimization SEO And How To Drive More Traffic

The internet tool that would be wildly used is​ the​ Search Engine. There are a​ lot of​ methods to​ get the​ quality traffic with out having to​ pay the​ money.

And Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is​ the​ term wildly used today,​ too. it​ is​ the​ utilizing tools and methods in​ making your websites to​ the​ top ten or​ higher ranking in​ the​ search engine result. Because almost people who use search engine will using the​ only top ten results on​ the​ first page.

There are a​ lot of​ subject you​ have to​ change in​ your websites for SEO. There are a​ lot of​ websites will provide you​ the​ articles that offer tips & tricks,​ roadmaps or​ guidelines in​ how to​ get more traffic using the​ free method. if​ you​ use these free methods,​ you​ will drive more traffic to​ your websites. you​ could be try and patient. Learn more about the​ methods and you​ will have the​ great traffic flow.

Link Exchange

This is​ the​ easy method. Now,​ you​ will see many websites have a​ link to​ other websites with the​ same subject. Webmasters are willing to​ exchange links with the​ other sites. Link exchanges make your chance to​ getting the​ good rank in​ the​ Search Engine Result Page (SERP). the​ more incoming-links you​ have,​ the​ more traffic you​ get.

Write and Submit Articles

Now,​ there are a​ lot of​ free article directory websites. They offer free submit and posting of​ your articles. you​ only spend the​ time in​ writing your free articles. you​ will write the​ articles about the​ tips,​ information or​ guidelines that are theme along with the​ subject of​ your websites. And submit them to​ the​ free article directory website.

There is​ the​ “Resource box” or​ “About author” section at​ the​ bottom of​ your article that you​ should provide data about yourself and your websites. if​ you​ provide the​ interesting articles,​ the​ people will go to​ your website by click the​ link in​ this section. And with the​ good keywords in​ your articles,​ you​ could get the​ high ranking in​ SERP,​ too.

Forums and Online Communities

This method only takes your time. you​ can share your experience,​ information and discussion with the​ communities. you​ will post and reply the​ topic with the​ quality content. Show them what you​ are made of. you​ will get the​ free advertising from the​ forums that have the​ same subject with your websites. you​ should target the​ certain group that is​ the​ right people that you​ are looking for.

In many forums and online communities,​ you​ will have permit to​ add your links in​ the​ signature.


It sounds like hard work because of​ the​ newsletter’s contents. But the​ benefit is​ almost higher than the​ other methods. you​ can use the​ newsletters to​ provide the​ people with the​ interesting,​ news or​ product contents. Please keep in​ mind that,​ if​ there are a​ lot people sign up for your newsletter,​ you​ will the​ more quality traffic.

Link exchange

It works well especially when your website and your link exchange website feature the​ same subject.

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