Search Engine Optimization And Web Design

Search Engine Optimization And Web Design

In the​ early days of​ the​ world wide web, having a​ good web presence meant that you must have a​ good web site full of​ rich content, and​ a​ good internet address that goes with it. It’s a​ generally accepted practice to​ publicize your Internet address to​ the​ world – well, at​ least to​ as​ much of​ it​ that you could cover. You Internet address, technically referred to​ as​ the​ URL of​ your website, became your key in​ making your site successful. the​ more Internet users that know of​ your website’s URL, the​ more people will visit it.

But that was before the​ Internet boomed, before its user base multiplied by millions, and​ before almost everyone else built web sites of​ their own, competing with your own in​ attracting users and​ readers. That was before modern search engines came to​ be, way before Google became a​ household verb, and​ changed the​ Internet in​ big ways. Now in​ the​ modern age of​ the​ internet, where search is​ the​ second most popular activity in​ the​ net, having a​ bumper sticker of​ your web site’s URL is​ no longer as​ cool or​ as​ effective as​ it​ used to​ be. You must now rely on one of​ the​ major pillars of​ a​ successful web site design – search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is​ the​ method of​ increasing a​ web site’s ranking in​ search engine results listing. Before going further into the​ details of​ search engine optimization, it​ is​ good to​ know why it’s important to​ rank well in​ these listings and​ how it​ came to​ be.

Let’s see for​ example how a​ good web designer that is​ fully unaware of​ search engine optimization will lay things for​ a​ typical web design project: a​ very clear purpose for​ the​ website, a​ good aesthetic design, clear and​ concise words that are aptly toned for​ the​ target audience, an​ intuitive navigation and​ usable user interface, and​ for​ the​ writers’ part, a​ content that is​ rich and​ relevant and​ no-nonsense.

All things done right. in​ the​ end the​ client will have in​ his hand a​ well-designed web site full of​ information and​ content that is​ ready to​ take on the​ world of​ the​ Internet. or​ is​ it? Before anything else, the​ million-dollar questions must be asked: how many users will read that rich and​ no-nonsense content that you have? How many customers will be able to​ see the​ products that you are trying to​ sell? How many clients will become aware of​ the​ services that you will offer? Search engine optimization is​ mostly about these questions. in​ fact it​ is​ mostly about trying to​ give the​ positive answers to​ these questions - many readers, many customers, and​ many clients.

Where do website users come from? in​ the​ early phases of​ a​ simple personal web site they usually come from the​ owner’s circle of​ family and​ acquaintances that are aware of​ your brand new URL. Although this may be enough for​ some personal web sites surely it​ will take a​ lot more hits than what those acquaintances would provide when a​ website is​ aiming for​ a​ larger and​ more geographically-unconstrained audience. After all, that is​ one thing that the​ Internet is​ all about – breaking geographical constraints. and​ for​ this kind of​ web site traffic need, there is​ but two words that answers that question of​ where your users will come from: search engines.

While there were search engines that existed before Google came to​ the​ scene, Google brought to​ the​ table a​ completely new way of​ searching information. the​ algorithm that Google used, relying heavily on links, (among many other important factors) proved to​ be very effective that it​ left other search engines in​ the​ dust. This revolution in​ search that gave relevant search results became so successful that it​ shaped the​ users’ habits in​ finding information on the​ Internet. Users stopped memorizing web site URLs, and​ started depending on the​ power of​ the​ search engine to​ give them back the​ relevant URLs for​ the​ information that they need. and​ though search engines can give you search results that spanned multiple pages, recent studies have shown that a​ few percentage of​ the​ users even bothered to​ go beyond the​ first page.

So that answers the​ why and​ how questions that we raised earlier about the​ importance of​ search engine listings to​ web site owners. as​ far as​ web design is​ concerned, everything that is​ mentioned above also points to​ one thing – that a​ good web design is​ just half the​ battle. Search engine optimization brings a​ whole new kind of​ a​ game to​ the​ table.

There is​ no definitive answer to​ the​ question: how will I make my web site rank well in​ Google (or Yahoo, or​ Alta Vista)? There are many factors that affect web site rankings, and​ the​ exact formula for​ this ranking algorithm is​ considered as​ a​ search engine company’s secret sauce that sets it​ apart from its competitors, and​ more importantly, this secrecy also serves as​ a​ protective wall that tries to​ prevent the​ contamination of​ search results with irrelevant contents and​ spam pages. But this doesn’t mean that they leave web site designers and​ owners in​ the​ dark. Search engine companies do help web designers and​ search engine optimization professionals in​ making pages that are more search-engine friendly. Online communities also exist that help others in​ their search engine optimization problems.

Search engine optimization is​ an​ established and​ growing industry of​ professionals who offer services for​ this specific purpose. But though people who specialize on this kind of​ optimization exist, it​ is​ also important that web designers understand the​ underlying concepts of​ search engine optimization. Though optimization techniques can be applied to​ the​ web site design towards or​ at​ the​ end of​ the​ project, having a​ good knowledge of​ the​ factors that improve a​ web sites’ search engine ranking saves the​ designer from cumbersome changes that might have to​ be done later if​ optimization is​ set aside. Having search engine optimization considerations as​ you design your web sites also focuses your design for​ a​ more definitive purpose. in​ the​ end knowing more about search engine optimization as​ a​ web designer is​ a​ big advantage for​ a​ more efficient web design resulting to​ a​ website that will be noticed and​ read by visitors all over the​ world.

Search Engine Optimization And Web Design

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