Search Engine Optimisation Black Hat Or White Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimisation Black Hat Or White Hat SEO

If you​ are looking around for a​ search engine optimisation company to​ carry out some SEO work on​ your website,​ then make sure you​ choose the​ right colour hat. There are a​ large number of​ companies that adopt a​ fast and unethical approach to​ SEO,​ known as​ black hat SEO,​ while there are a​ smaller number or​ companies that implement ethical SEO work,​ known as​ white hat SEO. the​ key to​ choosing the​ right colour,​ which is​ obviously the​ white,​ is​ as​ follows…

Before you​ even think of​ taking on​ a​ search engine optimisation company,​ the​ first thing is​ to​ shop around and see what is​ out on​ the​ market. the​ same principles would apply if​ you​ were to​ buy a​ new computer. you​ would look at​ a​ few models,​ prices and what each model has to​ offer. if​ an​ SEO company was to​ offer a​ service that would guarantee you​ top ranks,​ there is​ a​ very good chance they are wearing a​ black hat. No SEO company can guarantee top ranks since they have no direct control over the​ search engines and their ranking algorithms. They can however mention that top ranks are highly achievable due to​ their previous success with other clients.

Be sure to​ look at​ a​ companies’ portfolio page (if they have one on​ their website or​ simply ask them) and carry out some research on​ their clients. This can be done by looking at​ the​ client’s website performance within the​ search engines for the​ selected keywords they have been optimised for. Another good idea would be to​ write a​ courtesy email to​ the​ client asking for a​ reference on​ the​ SEO company they have used to​ optimise their website.

The most important giveaway on​ a​ black hat SEO company is​ the​ way they would describe their services. if​ a​ company cannot go into detail on​ how they carry out their work (meaning they are very vague),​ and this involves justifying each step of​ their work,​ then it​ would be best to​ avoid their services. a​ proper SEO firm will be more than happy to​ explain their services in​ detail and justify their reasons for using such techniques. if​ you​ cannot quiet understand the​ techniques they use then be sure to​ do some research on​ the​ internet and read SEO articles that explain each technique. if​ you​ find that their work fits along the​ lines of​ your research and that it​ is​ all ethical,​ then they are a​ company you​ should put on​ your list.

A last point to​ mention,​ a​ company should stress the​ phrase ‘patience is​ the​ key to​ success with SEO’. if​ a​ company claims that they can achieve results very fast,​ then it​ is​ time to​ start running. in​ theory,​ SEO that is​ carried out correctly on​ a​ website will take time until the​ results start to​ show (most cases 3 to​ 6 months but could be longer).

Would you​ like to​ know what could happen to​ your website if​ you​ hire a​ black hat SEO company,​ regardless of​ how big or​ small your website is​ in​ terms of​ brand recognition? an​ example would be the​ story of​ the​ BMW German website. They hired a​ black hat SEO firm to​ carry out some work on​ their website and that resulted in​ their site being banned from the​ Google ranks. So it​ is​ best to​ do your research on​ SEO by reading articles such as​ this one and question a​ companies approach on​ search engine optimisation. This will ensure that you​ have selected the​ clean white hat and that your website will not be tarnished from the​ black.

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