Script Issues Write Yourself Or Find A Writer

Script Issues – Write Yourself or​ Find a​ Writer
Looking at​ all of​ the options for your script it​ is​ really easy to​ become thoroughly confused when you are working on a​ script .​
Trying to​ ensure that the script is​ laid out properly, all characters are developed well and you do not miss any of​ the finer details is​ enough to​ drive even the most sane director crazy .​
Struggling to​ avoid all of​ these problems can create even more problems, especially as​ you are trying to​ decide if​ a​ writer is​ what you need, or​ if​ you should attempt to​ work out the script yourself.
It is​ a​ good idea for all filmmakers to​ work on their own scripts at​ some point .​
While this is​ not a​ skill that has to​ be thoroughly developed, it​ can be a​ very useful skill that many directors cherish .​
Having the ability to​ quickly modify a​ script themselves is​ something that can save time, but will also allow for the temptation to​ continuously play with the script as​ well .​
For filmmakers who have a​ good working background with writing you may find that working on the script yourself is​ best .​
This is​ not always the case though; many filmmakers have found that working on the script themselves is​ a​ problem.
Some of​ the problems that can occur if​ you are working on the script entirely yourself include a​ lack of​ time .​
When you are working to​ prepare for a​ feature film there are a​ large number of​ things that need to​ be done .​
Working out costumes, locations, equipment and even possibly working on a​ budget are all hassles that must be handled .​
Hiring a​ writer to​ handle these problems for you can free up your time as​ a​ filmmaker to​ work on what you enjoy, and leave the details of​ writing and laying out the script for someone else.
Additionally you need to​ consider your budget, if​ you have a​ very small budget, or​ something that is​ closer to​ nothing than a​ budget at​ all you may find that it​ is​ necessary to​ write the script yourself just because you cannot afford a​ writer .​
You still have a​ few options if​ you find yourself in​ this position though .​
It is​ important to​ take your time when writing the script if​ you need, but instead of​ just diving into the script you could feel free to​ look around for someone who is​ willing to​ write for you in​ order to​ gain experience.
Finding a​ writer willing to​ work for just experience will not last for long, and often you will need to​ agree to​ pay a​ percentage of​ any money that the film makes, but it​ certainly beats paying a​ large premium for a​ writer upfront .​
Additionally, using a​ writer who is​ willing to​ work for a​ very cheap rate can allow you to​ build a​ great working relationship with someone else who is​ just starting out .​
These contacts can serve you well in​ your entire film career and should always be encouraged if​ at​ all possible.
Regardless of​ your ultimate decision over whether hiring a​ writer or​ just writing the script yourself, ensure that you really make sure it​ is​ developed properly .​
Rushing through a​ script, even if​ you are paying for it​ can cause a​ lot of​ problems because you will have great difficulty getting the high quality that you need to​ produce a​ high quality film .​
Never cut corners on the script since this will be one of​ the lifeblood’s of​ your movie.

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